Fighter of the future: Russian combat kit "Sotnik" amazed the Americans

Fighter of the future: Russian combat kit "Sotnik" amazed the Americans
Fighter of the future: Russian combat kit "Sotnik" amazed the Americans
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In many respects, this kit, which the Russian army will receive in 2025, surpasses all similar foreign developments.

The journalist of the network edition "Russian Seven" Ivan Roschepiy acquaints readers with the combat set "Sotnik", intended for the Russian military. It replaces the "Warrior", which was presented to the public at the MAKS-2011 air show, and in 2014-2015 began to enter the troops. These kits include dozens of weapon elements, and, according to experts, almost all of them are equal or superior to foreign counterparts. For example, the 6B47 helmet was recognized by experts as the best light helmet in the world in 2015, since it is not only lighter than a similar American helmet by 300 grams. provided protection against shrapnel at a speed of 630 m / s, and 9-mm bullets from a Makarov pistol from a five-meter distance.

And the 6B45 body armor protects against shrapnel flying at a speed of no more than 550 m / s, and with armor panels of a higher class it turns into an assault version. He does not care for bullets from AK74, M16A2 rifle, AKM machine gun and SVD rifle fired from a 10-meter distance. The "Ratnik" includes the "Strelets" reconnaissance complex with the possibility of target designation for aviation and artillery, a communicator (GLONASS and GPS systems), a video module for firing from a shelter, as well as tents, knives, batteries. There is also an uncooled thermal imaging sight "Shahin", which detects and recognizes targets and allows them to conduct aimed fire at any time of the day, in any meteorological situation.

Now an exoskeleton is being introduced into "Ratnik" and they want to include a pressure helmet with a communication system in the kit. The newest version of "Ratnik" - "Ratnik-3" was demonstrated in 2018, and then they called it - "Sotnik", since this development is already completely new, albeit taking a lot from the previous ones.

Rostec reported that Sotnik is based on high-strength and lightweight polyethylene fiber. Due to the elasticity of the material, the equipment is adjusted to the figure of the fighter, so that it constrains the movements and allows you to have additional equipment. The Centurion's protection from external damage is much higher than that of previous models, and it will be able to protect it from a fragment flying at speeds up to 670 m / s, extinguishing the shock impulse with the help of the latest shock-absorbing means.

The new set will also include "anti-mine" boots, hiding a soldier from infrared sensors, a "thermal" suit, an anti-radar suit, as well as a "chameleon" material, which, with the help of electrical control, changes color depending on the environment. In addition, tactical units will be equipped with unmanned aerial vehicles, a picture from which can be projected onto the visor of a helmet or goggles (by the way, they will also display control commands, maps and other necessary information.

The "Sotnik" will evaluate the physical condition of the soldier using sensors in real time: pulse, respiration, heart rate, pressure, transmitting information, if necessary, to the commander and orderlies.

The Sotnik will be supplied to the army in 2025, but today it delights and terrifies foreigners. Forbes magazine has already noted that Russia has advanced much further in the creation of an exoskeleton than the United States.

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