From Chicory to Metroid Dread: what kind of PC games have become trendy during the pandemic

From Chicory to Metroid Dread: what kind of PC games have become trendy during the pandemic
From Chicory to Metroid Dread: what kind of PC games have become trendy during the pandemic
21 January, 15:50Technology
The gaming industry has received new growth opportunities during the COVID-19 pandemic. With each new strain of coronavirus, citizens are spending more and more time at home, often alone. Why not use this time to visit virtual worlds?

If 2021 has been a watershed year for large companies, it has been a period of innovation for smaller game companies. Today, gamers 16+ all over the world can enjoy stunning graphics, rich storylines and amazing adventures.


A colorful fairy tale, an amazingly touching adventure of a charming dog and it's magic brush. The atmospheric puzzle game with horror elements is an innovative time-loop storytelling, perhaps inspired by a common, increasingly vague sense of time during a pandemic. The protagonist of the adventure is a dog who works as a cleaner in the Owners Tower. Only the owners are able to paint the game reality in a variety of colors. At a certain point, the colors evaporate completely, after which everything becomes black and white, and only the contours remain. The current Chicory Owner disappears, leaving only the brush behind. The dog who dreamed of becoming an artist takes up the cause and tries to bring the colors back. During the game, the most unexpected topics are raised - self-doubt, the appearance of the impostor syndrome, harsh self-criticism and much more.

It Takes Two

Possibly the first video game ever made that could be a relationship therapy. In it, the plot centers on a couple on the brink of divorce who suddenly find themselves trapped inside their daughters' games. They must work together to return to their bodies. It Takes Two must be played together: if one character is given a hammer, the other must hold nails. There are dozens of different branches in this Mario-like adventure. And although the metaphors that hint at the problem of saving a marriage are often not explicit, there is always some new and exciting task around the corner that immerses the player in an entertaining adventure.


A desert landscape stretching for miles. Beautiful sunsets over rocky mountains and cliffs. Really cool speeder bike. In Sable, the vibes are just as important as the mission. The charming story follows a young woman, the noble Sable, who begins a rite of passage that forces her to explore the world on her own. If you're looking for an open universe full of monsters to kill and enemies to shoot at, this is not the game for you. The story completely relieves stress - it's like a breath of fresh air. The game streams charming comic visuals inspired by artists such as Mobius. She creates her own world, full of life and depth in not-so-empty sandy seas. Today, Sable is available on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One.


At the center of this elegant if bloody game is Colt Vann, an assassin tasked with taking out eight targets on the island. As the name suggests, every time the Colt fails his mission, he is sent back to the start of his day. Return to different parts of the island at different times of the day, and a window that was previously closed may be open. During the day, you can overhear gossip important to your mission that you could not hear in the morning. Deathloop is a game that rewards careful exploration and observation. The final chapter of the story is going to be pretty boring unless you've scoured the island for diaries, audio recordings, and collected the whole story. But the stunning and stylish art of the adventure more than makes up for any slight flaws in the plot.

Halo Infinite

The master chef is back. Halo Infinite adds another chapter to the iconic character's storyline, sending him into a new ring world in a sci-fi shooter. The stakes are high, as always. The action takes place in an open world environment where you can run, drive, fly or break through enemy lines, as well as help your fellow Marines turn the tide of the war. A new grappling hook, as well as a variety of weapons to choose from, make every encounter with the enemy unusual, new and exciting. And that's just the story. The return of Halo's near-perfect multiplayer mode brings it in line with other live service games like Fortnite or Apex Legends. An added bonus is that the game can be faster when using Wireguard VPN. By purchasing an additional Season Pass, users will be able to receive visual accessories such as new colors and character skins, interchangeable armor parts, and more.

Metroid Dread

Samus Aran, the badass intergalactic bounty hunter known as Metroid, has long held a prominent position on Mount Rushmore among the game's characters. And after more than a decade away, Metroid: Dread arrives for Nintendo Switch, in which the hero is pursued by AI-powered killer robots on the mysterious planet ZDR. Fear, which producer Yoshio Sakamoto has been preparing for almost two decades, is sure to bring unforgettable emotions. This is a delightful return to a classic and beloved franchise.

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