Digital "house on Mars" sold for $ 500,000 (VIDEO)

Digital "house on Mars" sold for $ 500,000 (VIDEO)
23 March , 16:21Technology
Interest in virtual design continues to grow. A digital work of art called "House on Mars", which resembles a computer game, was purchased for 288 ethers - in terms of digital currency, this is more than half a million dollars.

The work sold on the SuperRare NFT marketplace belongs to Canadian artist Christa Kim. She designed the house using Unreal Engine, software for creating video games, according to Dezeen magazine. In fact, the buyer of "House on Mars" will receive a 3D digital file for his money, which he can experience in virtual or augmented reality.


The artist herself calls her work "light sculpture". This is a 3D image of a house with glass walls - because who needs privacy on an uninhabited planet? The floor and ceiling are covered with a bright gradient. The windows of the dwelling overlook the gloomy "Martian" landscape. Outside, there are some translucent sun loungers - probably for sunbathing. Immersion in digital reality should be facilitated by the accompanying soundtrack by Jeff Schroeder of The Smashing Pumpkins.

This is further evidence of the growing popularity of crypto art. A Jpeg file from digital artist Beeple was recently sold at Christie's for $ 79.4 million, making him one of the top three most expensive living artists. The very first tweet of Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, posted 15 years ago, went for $ 2,915,835 the other day. And the fashion house Gucci this month launched sales of digital shoes at a price of $ 17.99: you can "wear" them only using virtual and augmented reality, but the pair costs $ 480 less than usual from Gucci.

By purchasing a digital product like Home on Mars, the buyer receives an NFT, a digital certificate protected by blockchain technology. This is the equivalent of ownership of the real home, which proves that the buyer owns it.

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