The largest bioreactors for growing cultured meat will be built in the USA

The largest bioreactors for growing cultured meat will be built in the USA
The largest bioreactors for growing cultured meat will be built in the USA
26 May, 12:06TechnologyPhoto: Food Navigator
The process will use cages taken from cell banks or eggs, so there is no need to slaughter the animals.

According to experts, by 2040 most of the meat people eat will not be the meat of slaughtered animals: it will be either plant-based protein alternatives or synthesized products that resemble meat. The turning point to the end of slaughter may be the construction of the world's largest plant for growing artificial meat, which will soon begin in the United States. The American company Good Meat intends to build a complex of four-story bioreactors, which can grow more than 13,000 tons of chicken and beef annually, reports The Guardian. This amount will be enough to provide tens of thousands of shops and restaurants.

The process will use cells taken from cell banks or eggs, so that no animals are harmed. Good Meat is one of about 170 artificial meat companies and the only one that has received government approval to sell its products. Their first meat went on sale in 2020, it was chicken for Singapore stores. In this country, Good Meat also plans to build its own bioreactors a little later.

Traditional meat production is not only ethically questionable. It also has a negative impact on the environment: in the process, forests are cut down, water bodies are polluted and a large amount of methane is released. Therefore, in order to stop the climate crisis, and rich countries, according to scientists, it is necessary to drastically reduce the consumption of conventional meat. Moreover, cultured meat, as its lovers say, is in no way inferior in taste.

“I think our grandchildren will ask why, back in 2022, we ate the meat of slaughtered animals,” says Josh Tetrick, CEO of Good Meat’s parent company, Eat Just. “Cultured meat is so important because it does not cause any harm: it does not come with deforestation, the use of antibiotics, the increase in zoonotic diseases and the need to slaughter animals.”

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