Gamaleya Center has applied for registration of another anti-covid vaccine "Sputnik Light"

Gamaleya Center has applied for registration of another anti-covid vaccine "Sputnik Light"
30 March , 09:58Technology
The Gamaleya National Research Center has submitted an application to the Russian Ministry of Health for registration of another Sputnik Light anti-coronavirus vaccine.

Now experts will have to check the quality and safety of this one-component drug, after which it will be decided whether to register the vaccine or not, said Assistant Minister Alexey Kuznetsov. His words are quoted by TASS.

Earlier it was noted that the Sputnik Light vaccine is a light version of Sputnik V, the first covid vaccine registered in the Russian Federation. It was also developed by the Gamaleya Center. Now people are inoculated with it. Sputnik V is a vector vaccine based on the human adenovirus.

The vaccine is registered in 55 countries. As previously reported in the Ministry of Health, the light version of "Sputnik" will be supplied abroad. The Russians will be vaccinated with a two-component vaccine.

Who is this vaccine for, commented on the air radio Sputnik allergist-immunologist Vladimir Bolibok.

"In fact, "Sputnik Light" is one of the components of the "Sputnik-V" vaccine, which is two-component. "Sputnik Light" is intended primarily to maintain immunity for those who already have it. And, most likely, will be used in groups in which the vaccine must be carried out with caution: people with chronic diseases. Perhaps, when the appropriate clinical trials are carried out and completed, it can be offered for children", - says Vladimir Bolibok.

The immunologist admitted that the appearance of "Sputnik Light" will increase the number of people willing to be vaccinated to prevent SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus infection.

"It is difficult to say here, but it will probably increase (the number of those wishing to be vaccinated - ed.), Because it is easier to do, for example, one injection once than two injections with an interval of three weeks, as is done now", - said Vladimir Bolibok...

A fairly large number of people have had a coronavirus infection, but their immunity is very low, the doctor added. In his opinion, they can also be vaccinated with the Sputnik Light vaccine.

"Low immunity in latent patients. And vice versa in those who have been ill in a very severe form. Such patients received treatment with steroid hormones, they also have low immunity. Therefore, these people, based on the fact that coronavirus infection becomes seasonal diseases, such as flu, it makes sense to be vaccinated once a year, for example, in the fall", - says Vladimir Bolibok.

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