Coronavirus treatment in the "third wave": who has a chance to survive

Coronavirus treatment in the "third wave": who has a chance to survive
Coronavirus treatment in the "third wave": who has a chance to survive
30 June 2021, 15:24Technology
Russia has recorded the absolute maximum deaths from coronavirus since the beginning of the pandemic. How can one protect against Covid-19, new strains of the mutated virus in these conditions, and are there really effective means in the arsenal of doctors?

Irina Mishina

Pharmacies have become hot spots again. At the slightest suspicion of covid, many, instead of going to a doctor, turn to a pharmacist.

The official recommendations of the Ministry of Health, which were recently updated and sent to all medical institutions in Russia, for pharmacy chains, unfortunately, are sometimes not a decree. Pharmacies often have their own interest, and instead of recommending the necessary medicine or referring the patient to the doctor, they begin to recommend the purchase of drugs that are in stock or that must be sold by any means. For example, the recommendations of the Ministry of Health clearly state that for the treatment of coronavirus infection it is necessary to use drugs with the active ingredient "favipiravir". But, as it became known to "NI", antiviral drugs for the treatment of Covid-19 are often replaced with consonant antiviral drugs for the treatment of herpes infection (Acyclovir), and when asked about drugs against blood clots, Hematogen is recommended, which increases hemoglobin. You may also be offered a badge-blocker of viruses with untested clinical efficacy or a "special anti-teas tea" labeled as anti-cold. There have been cases when pharmacists even offered sorbents based on plant components and cereals for coronavirus infection "to remove the virus from the body", although treating a severe viral infection with dietary supplements is like cutting out appendicitis with prayers. But in the conditions of the current severe strain "delta", lost time during treatment can cost someone their lives...

“It is important not to waste precious time, quickly and as early as possible to stop the increasing viral load. The universal action of favipiravir against RNA viruses (coronavirus, influenza virus and other common respiratory viral infections) allows, when symptoms characteristic of COVID-19 appear or after contact with a patient, without waiting for the results of PCR, to begin therapy under the supervision of a doctor, for example, Areplivir. Data on the effectiveness of such a method of post-exposure prophylaxis has been accumulated and is being processed, "- said to" NI "the candidate of medical sciences, doctor of the City Clinical Hospital No. 23 named after IV Davydovsky Yelena Matkevich.

Do not forget that antibiotics in the treatment of coronavirus, as a rule, do not help. Based on personal experience, I can say that incorrect or untimely prescribed treatment can put a person on the brink of life and death, and in this case salvation can be a miracle.

...The thought that I had contracted the coronavirus came to me a week after I started to cough and lost my sense of smell. The ambulance doctors offered express tests, which showed a negative result, and antibiotics were prescribed in the clinic. In the pharmacy, when describing my symptoms, they offered a generous set of these same antibiotics - from Azithromycin to Clacid. But the temperature did not subside, the cough did not go away, the sense of smell did not return, and after a while it seemed to me that my stomach was full of stones. When he began to suffer from suffocation, the doctors insisted on CT scan. Computed tomography showed that more than half of the lungs were affected by viral pneumonia with the effect of the so-called "ground glass". And the doctors of Kommunarka, where I was urgently hospitalized, took a lot of effort to bring me back to life.

In the hospital there was no limit to the surprise of the doctors when they learned that they had been trying to treat me with antibiotics and dietary supplements for a week. Kommunarka used drugs recommended by the Ministry of Health. If this treatment had started earlier, most likely there would have been no suffocation, resuscitation and painful struggle for life.

In the first days in the hospital, I had to drink 8 tablets with the active ingredient "favipiravir" 2 times a day. Of course, this is a load on the body, but there was no other way out - otherwise the "neglected" infection would have affected the lungs further. But the effect was amazing: just 3 days after taking these drugs, a negative coronavirus test came!

"Favipiravir (Areplivir) has no analogues comparable in effectiveness, it is a direct-acting agent with high efficiency and a reliable safety profile. The drug has a double effect: firstly, it blocks a special protein - RNA-dependent-RNA polymerase, which prevents the virus from multiplying , secondly, it starts the processes of self-destruction of viral particles, which ensures a rapid decrease in viral load and, accordingly, a decrease in the risks of severe course, various complications and accelerates recovery. This is not at all the same as supporting the body with an immunomodulator or strengthening the intake of vitamins ", - the head of the infectious diseases department No. 1 of the clinical hospital No. 1 of Smolensk, the doctor of the highest category, assistant of the department of infectious diseases of the FSBEI HE SSMU Yelena Simakina told Novye Izvestia.

So why do pharmacy chains recommend completely different drugs, referring to the lack of drugs recommended by the Ministry of Health, "effective analogues", "proven remedies"?

It so happens that a pharmacy is interested in selling or simply selling a drug. This was the case, for example, after changes in the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and the exclusion of a number of drugs from the treatment protocols, including antimalarial agents. But more often it is a banal lack of the necessary drugs in the pharmacy: the fact is that in a pandemic, people are trying to provide their home medicine cabinet with traditional drugs. Perhaps these funds will help with colds and even sore throats. But coronavirus is a completely different, deadly disease, in the treatment of which it is necessary to follow clear treatment protocols - only in this case the sick person has a chance. If you follow the clinical recommendations of the Ministry of Health, the treatment of Covid-19 includes: Favipiravir, Remdesivir, Umifenovir, as well as drugs that suppress excessive activity of the immune system, relieve inflammation, prevent thrombosis, such as Xarelto, Eliquis. The Ministry of Health also recommended antipyretic drugs - Paracetamol, Ibuprofen, Nimesulide.

A number of these drugs can be provided free of charge to those recommended for home treatment. And relying on the accuracy of the information in the commercial, the advice of friends, neighbors and pharmacists in case you are diagnosed with Covid-19 is not just thoughtless - it is life-threatening.

If you are faced with an infection or are at risk, if you have not been vaccinated and are in public places, use transport - remember: there can be no "folk remedies" and "friends' experience" in the treatment of coronavirus.

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