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27 May
Two in one: a hospital bed-coffin combo was created in Colombia
In a difficult epidemic situation in South America, local designers have proposed a solution that can solve the problem of a shortage of hospital...
World oil spending will fall by a third this year
The International Energy Agency (IEA) predicts a one-trillion-dollar reduction in global spending on oil this year — up to 2.5 trillion. Revenues...
25 May
A microbe as a keepsake: Event 201 organizers came up with a "COVID" souvenir a year ago
Here is such a “charming” giant microbe - the participants who won the virtual “game” during the so-called pandemic exercise Event 201 (“Event...
Donald Trump stated that he gives his annual salary to the needs of the United States
US President Donald Trump said he was ready to abandon his annual salary and give it to the needs of the country. According to the calculations of...
24 May
And here is the usual "flu"! Brazil surpassed Russia in the number of cases of coronavirus
According to the private American Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, as of Saturday night, May 23, 330,890 infections were recorded in Brazil,...
The names of thousands of dead were published in the front page of the New York Times
“On Sunday, the front page of The New York Times has just a list instead of articles, photographs, or graphics. A long, sad list of people whose...
23 May
97 people died and two survived in the Pakistani plane crash
Such data were reported on Twitter by the Ministry of Health of the Pakistani province of Sind.