US closes airspace to Russian aircrafts

US closes airspace to Russian aircrafts
US closes airspace to Russian aircrafts
2 March, 09:22In the world
US President Joe Biden announced that the country will close its airspace to Russian air carriers. The ban will apply to all aircraft registered in Russia, including charter ones.

“Tonight I announce that we will join our allies in closing American airspace to all Russian flights”, - the head of the White House said during his speech to Congress.

So, to date, Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Iceland, the Netherlands, Austria, Denmark, Ireland, Norway, Spain, Canada have closed their skies for Russia. Romania, Lithuania, Croatia, Estonia and Poland also joined the "air" sanctions. A similar ban was introduced by the Czech Republic and Bulgaria. On February 28, Cyprus also announced the closure of the sky for Russian aircrafts.

It should be noted that Georgia announced consultations with other countries on the possible closure of airspace for Russia. However, the Georgian authorities indicated that the country's accession to Western sanctions against the Russian Federation could harm national interests.

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