Monument to Alexander Griboyedov was desecrated in Tbilisi

Monument to Alexander Griboyedov was desecrated in Tbilisi
2 April , 11:43In the world
Unknown persons desecrated a monument to the Russian poet and diplomat Alexander Griboyedov in the center of the Georgian capital Tbilisi. On the pedestal of the monument, they wrote in red paint "Russia is evil" and an appeal to journalist Vladimir Pozner to get out of Georgia.

Another surge of anti-Russian sentiment in Georgia is connected precisely with the arrival of Vladimir Pozner, who was celebrating his birthday in Tbilisi. The hotels where he stayed were thrown eggs by the crowd. As a result, Vladimir Pozner left Georgia. It is curious that he came there with an American passport, since he also has US citizenship.

The protesters did not like the statements made earlier by the journalist that Abkhazia will never be part of Georgia. An inscription in red paint "Get out of Georgia" appeared on the asphalt near the hotel building, notes. The Georgian police fined Vladimir Pozner and about 30 of his guests for violating quarantine measures; a large fine was also issued for the hotel in which the holiday was to take place.

"Yes, I confirm that inscriptions have been made on the pedestal of the Griboyedov monument. Now our services will clean up the monument and put it in order", - an employee of the Tbilisi City Hall press service told TASS.

Many Georgian Facebook users condemn vandalism. After all, Alexander Griboyedov is known for his participation in the development of the Turkmanchay treaty of 1828 following the results of the Russian-Persian war. Under the terms of this agreement, a significant part of the Transcaucasus went to the Russian Empire. Griboyedov also helped tens of thousands of Christians living in Persia to return to the Caucasus. He himself was married to a Georgian aristocrat Nina Chavchavadze and lived with her in what was then Tiflis (now Tbilisi). In this city he was buried in 1829 near the temple of St. David of Gareja on Mount Mtatsminda, after he, being the ambassador of Russia to Persia, was killed by Muslim fanatics who attacked the embassy.

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