U.S. scientists stated that coronavirus pandemic could last for two years

U.S. scientists stated that coronavirus pandemic could last for two years
2 May 2020, 14:19In the worldPhoto: nbnews.com
The coronavirus pandemic will not end until it covers two-thirds of the world's population. This could drag on for two years, informed the Center for the Study of Infectious Diseases at the University of Minnesota (USA).

Experts note that it is more difficult to control the coronavirus than other diseases, as many infected people have no symptoms. However, these patients can also infect others.

According to scientists, the disease can spread by waves that will occur after 2022, writes Bloomberg. Therefore, experts say, the authorities are obliged to inform citizens about possible new outbreaks expected in the next two years.

Note that the Kremlin has already talked about the risk of the second wave of the pandemic. A spokesman for the Russian president Dmitry Peskov said that there is a “very big risk” for the resumption of the epidemic, and therefore, restrictions must be removed very carefully.

In turn, the American expert Robert Retfield predicted a catastrophic pandemic scenario this fall.

“While states are hoping to start rebuilding their economies, the second wave of coronavirus is approaching, which will be much worse than this, because it will most likely coincide with the beginning of the flu season,” the expert noted.

Meanwhile, 3,193,886 people have already become infected with COVID-19 in the world. The disease claimed 227 638 lives.

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