Hurricane Ian kills 77 in US

Hurricane Ian kills 77 in US
Hurricane Ian kills 77 in US
3 October, 09:47In the worldPhoto: Медиахолдинг1Mi
Hurricane Ian, which hit the East Coast of the United States, claimed the lives of 77 people, more than 10,000 people were missing.

It is reported by Interfax with reference to Sky News data.

The hurricane brought the greatest trouble to residents of the states of Florida and North Carolina.

"Among the dead, 73 were in Florida, mostly due to drowning", - the report said.

Breaks in power lines during the hurricane led to accidents and power outages. After an emergency blackout, seriously ill people turned off their oxygen machines. As a result, at least two patients died. The death of an elderly couple connected to ventilators is reported.

In North Carolina, the number of victims of the hurricane reached four people, two of them died in a car accident.

In total, over 10,000 people have gone missing on the east coast.

The authorities believe that most of them are alive, but they cannot get in touch with their loved ones, because they are in shelters or in areas de-energized by the elements.

In the coming days, worsening weather is expected on the Atlantic coast of the country, including in the states of New York and New Jersey, as well as in the US capital Washington.

Earlier it became known that Hurricane Ian left more than two million people without electricity in Florida : about 20% of all registered electricity consumers in the state were disconnected from it. Before that, Cuba was left without electricity because of this hurricane. According to forecasters, this is the strongest hurricane since 2008 - the wind reached a speed of 250 kilometers per hour. It destroyed roads, residential buildings, and led to mass casualties.

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