Apple will block gadgets that were stolen during the riots in the US

Apple will block gadgets that were stolen during the riots in the US

4 June 2020, 16:21In the worldPhoto:
According to CNN, the iPhone stolen by the rioters no longer works. Trying to use them sees only a message calling to return the gadget to the store and with information that "the device has been disconnected and monitored, local authorities will be warned."

Today, Apple, which shortly before the outbreak of protests and riots in the United States, taking advantage of the easing of quarantine restrictions, began to open its stores, again closed some of them, fearing that they might be destroyed during the riots. The corporation also reported that some of its stores in Washington, Los Angeles, San Francisco and other cities in the United States have already been affected by rioters, some of which were stolen gadgets.

"Locking and tracking stolen iPhones is a common procedure for Apple. Specialty software is installed on iPhones in stores that can be activated if they are stolen", - the Kommersant newspaper reported.

The cause of unrest and looting in the United States amid protests against racial discrimination was the death of African-American George Floyd, who was detained by police in Minneapolis. The policeman Derek Chaven is accused of his murder. Charges of incitement to murder and aiding were brought against three other police officers involved in the detention.

US President Donald Trump said today that there is no need to send troops to those cities of the country where mass protests continue. Last day, thousands of protesters surrounded the home of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garsetti , protesting police violence and racism. While addressing the demonstrators, the head of the city knelt before them, asking them to stop the riots.

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