Steal, but less: the number of car thefts in Germany decreased in the first year of the pandemic

Steal, but less: the number of car thefts in Germany decreased in the first year of the pandemic
Steal, but less: the number of car thefts in Germany decreased in the first year of the pandemic
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Where stolen cars come from more often, everyone knows for a long time: from Germany. Most of all cars are stolen in the German capital Berlin.

Here and the proximity to the eastern borders affects, and the fact that it is easier for thieves to wield in the largest city in the country. But during the year of the pandemic, the number of thefts has decreased.

In 2020, Berlin was again able to confirm its status as a leader in car thefts, writes Auto Motor Sport magazine. Over the past year, thieves stole about 120 cars per 100 thousand of the population. In absolute figures, a little less than 4.5 thousand Mercedes and other audi were stolen here for the year. Half the number in Hamburg and Brandenburg. The best situation is in the south of Germany, in Bavaria the number of stolen cars per 100 thousand population is 11.5, in Baden-Württemberg it is even less - 10.9 cars.

Воры любят Туареги

In total, last year, thieves stole 23,646 cars. This is significantly less than in 2019. Theft rates fell 16 percent.

Thus, 65 cars are stolen in the country every day.

First of all, they hijack expensive cars, jeeps and minibuses.

Insurance companies urge Berliners to better insure their "iron horses". In Berlin, the number of cars insured under a full motor hull insurance is 8% less than the national average.

I must say that the trend in the number of car thefts is generally positive. If in 2018 30,232 cars were stolen, but the next year their number was 2,000 less, while the disclosure rate remained the same.

Воры "любят" БМВ

Compared to the 90s, the number of car thefts has decreased three times - then every year 100 thousand cars were stolen. This is a positive point. But there is also a fly in the ointment: on average, insurance companies pay owners for each stolen car 20 thousand euros, and this figure is growing from year to year. The total damage in 2018 was € 300 million.

Лендровер на втором месте

According to the Union of Insurance Companies, the second-generation BMW X 6 is in the first place in terms of thefts this year. For every thousand stolen BMW jeeps there are 11.5 pieces. Average damage from theft of one car was 47 thousand 674 euros.


In second place is Land Rover Velar - 10.4 cars per 1000 stolen. Land Rover accounts for the largest amount of damages - 57 thousand 886 euros.


The third place in 2020 was taken by the leader of theft of 2019 - Mazda CX 5 . Last year, they were not stolen so often - "only" 8.8 per 1000. The average damage paid by insurers was half of the "Land Rover" - 26 thousand 954 euros.


Lexus CT 200 was on the 4th place, the damage paid for one car was just over 18 thousand euros.

Photo:land rover

The fifth place for thefts is Toyota's Prius hybrid.

On the sixth - Range Rover, but the damage on them is one of the highest. More than 48 thousand for each stolen range were paid by the insurers on average to those who insured their pets with a comprehensive hull insurance.

The last places in the tens are occupied by Toyota and one Renault.

Insurers advise German citizens to park their pets in garages. If you really have to leave "iron horses" on the street, then they ask you to choose bright and lively ones and not to park in dark alleys. However, the policy of the city authorities in relation to cars cannot be called friendly. More and more streets are given over to bicycle paths, less and less space is left for parking on the streets.

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