Vanga's fans discovered her prophecy about Donald Trump's serious illness

Vanga's fans discovered her prophecy about Donald Trump's serious illness
Vanga's fans discovered her prophecy about Donald Trump's serious illness
5 October 2020, 09:12In the worldPhoto:
US President Donald Trump recently announced that he and his wife had contracted the COVID-19 coronavirus. At first, the head of state was cheerful, but then he was taken to the hospital, information appeared in the media that, allegedly, even a ventilator was needed for treatment.

“Fans of the famous Bulgarian fortune teller Vanga claim that she predicted dire consequences for US President Donald Trump. According to REN TV, according to the fortuneteller's fans, Vanga reported that the American president in 2020 will get a“ mysterious disease ”that will lead to deafness and brain tumors", - reports It should be noted that Vangelia Gushterova died back in 1996, but in recent decades, many "prophecies" attributed to her have appeared about current events. In the overwhelming majority, they did not come true.

The age of the American president is 74 years old and his overweight can indeed potentially complicate the course of the disease. It is known that in the treatment of Donald Trump, doctors use two antiviral drugs - remdesevir and REGN-COV2.

"Remdesevir already well known and its use for the treatment COVID-19 allowed the FDA (by FDA Office of Food and Drug Administration), - wrote in his LiveJournal prof-afv-. The second antiviral drug REGN-COV2 this "cocktail" human monoclonal antibodies against protein S, developed by the American company Regeneron. This drug is experimental and is currently undergoing clinical trials", it can be used only with the consent of patients.

In fact, REGN-COV2 is an improvement on the old method of treating plasma of other, previously ill and already recovered patients. In the case of COVID-19, a therapeutic effect was also observed, sometimes striking. In REGN-COV2, "pure" antibodies dissolved in saline are used, while in donor plasma, in addition to antibodies, there are a lot of other proteins and low molecular weight biologically active compounds that actually inhibit treatment.

Health status Donald Trump did get worse on Friday 2 October. This was confirmed by the American TV channel Fox News Chief of Staff of the White House Mark Meadows. On the morning of that day, the President was visibly unwell, he had a high temperature and his blood oxygen level dropped sharply. But after taking the medication, the state of health quickly improved, - notes

"I think I will be back soon, I can’t wait until it will be possible to bring the campaign to an end", - the RIA Novosti news agency quoted Donald Trump in a video message from October 3. The President recorded it from the hospital, sitting at a table in a suit without a tie against the backdrop of American flags. “I didn't want to stay in the White House. I was offered this alternative - stay in the White House, close, never leave, don't even go to the Oval Office, stay on the second floor and have fun, don't socialize or talk to people. I couldn't do that, I can't sit on the second floor closed, safe, let it be what it will". His wife feels good about it.

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