Former Austrian Interior Minister - to Chancellor: “The population does not need your “new normality”!”

Former Austrian Interior Minister - to Chancellor: “The population does not need your “new normality”!”

Former Austrian Interior Minister - to Chancellor: “The population does not need your “new normality”!”

6 May 2020, 19:46
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A fiery speech in the Austrian parliament was made by ex-Interior Minister Herbert Kickl.

A member of the Freedom Party openly accused Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurtz of the groundlessness and destructiveness of the measures introduced in Austria in connection with the coronavirus, and held him to account.

Parliamentarians repeatedly applauded a colleague.

On the network, Kikl’s performance is called nothing more than a breakthrough, and he himself is called a hero and a daredevil. In RuNet, you can watch the video on several YouTube channels.

For example, on Maxim Shevchenko’s channel, the record has already gained over 400,000 views. And on the channel of the Orthodox film director Galina Tsareva more than 500,000.

According to many commentators, it is necessary to talk with the government about economics and protecting people exactly in this way.

We invite the readers of "Novye Izvestia" to get acquainted with Herbert Kickl's speech and form a personal opinion.

“Dear members of the federal government, dear Austrians!

Five weeks after the anti-coronation camera, it is appropriate to take stock. My results do not look like yours, Mr. Chancellor.

But, above all, all the same about the positive aspects. Undoubtedly, there are positive trends in health care in Austria. We are pleased with the declining number of infections and deaths. We are glad that there are more convalescents. It is perfectly.

But this is only a first look at things, Mr. Chancellor!

If you want to be honest and get to the bottom of things, you need a second look, a deeper one.

I have a few simple questions.

Why, Mr. Chancellor, are there clear positive trends in terms of new infections, as well as in terms of mortality, in Sweden? Why is this so?

There are positive trends in Sweden compared to other countries that, like you, have taken restrictive measures.

And why, Mr. Chancellor, neither the health care system nor intensive medicine collapsed in Sweden?

I think these are very justified questions. Because Sweden behaves in a completely different way than you.

We are aware that in Sweden social life continues without any major changes. Business and restaurants are open there. People go shopping, meet friends. Children go to kindergartens. Schools, including primary schools, continue to educate children.

And you, Mr. Chancellor, know that children continue to play sports there, for example, in football clubs. Meetings for up to 50 people are allowed.

In addition, I have not heard about the Swedish government working to spy on its own citizens with big data.

And, it seems, they do not clap on the shoulder of sunbathers in the park. But they don’t inform people who walk, as people who are dangerous.

This is not the way you went. And I’m very interested, why is the situation in Sweden generally positive?

You used to say that you don’t know anything yet, but I want to remind you of your words and say that you all knew perfectly!

According to your theory, Mr. Bundescan, there should have been at least 100,000 dead in Sweden! There must have been an explosive development of infection! You talked about this in early March, calling it the calm before the storm.

And you announced that our entire healthcare system and intensive care will collapse, like under bombs and grenades, if you do not follow your path. You claimed that there will be mass extinction!

You presented your path as the only option! But why is all this not so in Sweden? Why didn’t the hockey stadiums be converted to morgues there?

After all, it was your visualization, Mr. Bundescan Chancellor! For many weeks you worked on it!

Not a single press conference, not a single interview you did without describing horror scenarios!

From your words it was clear that if Austria did not comply with the measures proposed by the chancellor, then soon everything that you had drawn in such detail would follow!

You know this very well, you did exactly what you are denying!

You have led the entire population into a state of fear and horror!

You have ensured that the media show as many photos of the coffins as possible! All this means that you counted on the fear of the population!

And I am making you a serious accusation!

I do not know what is so important is distracting you on the phone now! Perhaps you are competing for the best achievement? And that’s instead of listening to what I’m saying right now! This is also your form of respect!

You put pressure on the primitive fear of people, namely, fear for your own health and life. To fear for the health and lives of relatives, children, friends and acquaintances!

And you use this fear.

You know that thanks to all this, you have led people to a NEW NORMALITY, which is that now people are conveying on their own, almost like it was in Stasi!

You have intimidated people so much that they put on a mask even when they are alone in their car! It does not protect against anything at all. But people wear a mask wherever they go, where there is absolutely no threat and where they themselves do not endanger anyone either!

You systematically prepared the ground for all this!

You have gone so far in everything that now to go one kilometer from your home and relax in nature has become tantamount to catching a disease. Such people are viewed with suspicion or even fenced off from them.

All this is your new normality! And, pay attention, it was you who created it!

I’m saying all this is not because it will somehow help me, rather, on the contrary, it will harm me, because most of the media are in the fear production system. And I respect those who are not addicted to it!

But you bribed a lot of media. Such corruption is then proclaimed the alleged expression of responsible behavior!

The media allows you to bribe yourself! And if they do not criticize the federal government, then this is called "acting especially responsibly and serving as the national shoulder of the federal treasury."

Of course, you need this tribune. Indeed, without all this dramatic production with coffins and so on, no savior would be needed!

All those who criticize this scheme receive the role of unbelieving heretics!

It is argued that they are not all right with their heads, they have only the worst motives, because they do not fit into your concept. All this is also the result of the last weeks of your new normality!

But - no, Mr. Chancellor, no!

The story that your crisis management has prevented a great medical catastrophe is revealed!

Everything is clear with your story about the lack of alternatives. Just because we see the experience of others. Take the same Sweden.

In addition, we have our own numbers. Look at Germany and Austria. Listen to what some experts are talking about, who still have the opportunity to talk.

Just look at the statistics on the decrease in the number of deaths and infections even before the introduction of your measures could affect anything!

You must start reckoning with this!

The results of your policy can be evaluated. You can follow the causal relationship.

So - 900,000 people with reduced working time and complete uncertainty about what will happen next.

Hundreds of thousands of unemployed who do not understand whether they will be able to return to work and under what conditions.

For them, Christmas this year will be sad, as well as for entrepreneurs who are on the verge of survival.

As a result of your actions, thousands of effective entrepreneurs, small and large, in all sectors have lost the basis for existence in one night!

You turned them into beggars and took away their legal right to full compensation!

You like to talk about lighthouses. Here are the beacons of your new normality with bureaucracy hardware and fear-based software!

This is a new "operating system." The new normality in Austria 2020.

But we do not want this! I do not think that the bulk of the population wants such an "OS"!

Mr. Chancellor, we will all come out of this situation wiser, with new experience and scientific evidence.

And that’s the reason I don’t trust you anymore.

In a good way, you should today, here, recognize that your course is not uncontested and that your experts are not the only owners of the truth!

Your strategy is nothing more than following the herd political instinct that began with China.

All this spread to other countries, and you, following the herd feeling, jumped into this row of dominoes!

And now I would like to recall Galileo Galilee. Because it is a matter of achieving transparency and knowledge through empirical facts, on the basis of which an appropriate strategy needs to be developed.

What you do with your graphs, numbers and tables is a misleading. After all, in fact, you are in blind flight!

You must stop directly and indirectly panicking people. And you do the opposite, claim that the usual normality will return with the advent of the vaccine, which, apparently, means compulsory vaccination!

Then just say so, Chancellor!

This will not work with us!

I thought you already had the 60th press conference of the federal government. She was about nothing! Only about your measures.

Have you talked about unemployed? About entrepreneurs? About families? About tourism and gastronomy, about people who suffer from diseases, in addition to the “crown” ?!

No clarity! No transparency! No predictability in these core areas!

The only thing you are capable of is inconsistencies, contradictions and various kinds of half-burned inconsistencies!

Mr. Chancellor! Learn from the best and be guided by common sense, and not engage in instilling fear!

Make friends with the USUAL NORMALITY, get away from your new normality!

Do not flirt so that exceptional conditions turn into rules!

My dear ladies and gentlemen! Such an open emotional appeal, of course, will receive a lot of hostility in response.

But I would like to think that in this country there is still a right to other positions besides worshiping a new normality!

And further. After you, Mr. Chancellor, have taken away so many people's livelihoods and restricted their freedom, I don’t want the TRUTH to become a victim of your new normality! ”

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