Chetverikova: "The Pandemic Agreement covers the establishment of a new world order"

Chetverikova: "The Pandemic Agreement covers the establishment of a new world order"
Chetverikova: "The Pandemic Agreement covers the establishment of a new world order"
6 July 2021, 10:38In the worldPhoto:
“We have gathered in connection with the extraordinary circumstances arising due to the preparation of events that can fundamentally change our life”.

These are the words of Olga Nikolayevna Chetverikova, the director of the Center for Geopolitics of the Institute for Basic and Applied Research, Moscow State University. She spoke about it at the beginning of her speech at a press conference on the pandemic issue. She shared the text of her speech with Novye Izvestia.

“On November 22, 2020, at the G20 summit, the head of the European Council Charles Michel voiced for the first time a call to conclude an international treaty on a pandemic, which must be agreed upon with all UN organizations and departments. At the end of 2020, the head of the WHO said that the world was on the verge of a catastrophic moral failure, because the prospect of equal access to vaccines was threatened. Against this backdrop, WHO approves the next Strategic Plan for Preparedness and Response for COVID-19.

And on March 30, The Telegraph published a landmark letter of appeal from 25 to 23 leaders of states and heads of the European Council and WHO, entitled “ No government can cope with the threat of pandemics alone - we must unite”.

Comparing the current situation with the devastating consequences of the two world wars, the authors of the letter called COVID-19 "the greatest challenge to the world community since the 1940s". “There will be other pandemics and other major health emergencies. No government or multilateral agency can deal with this threat alone. The question is not whether it will be, but when".

Stressing that “ immunization is a global public good”, they said countries should work together on a new international treaty on pandemic preparedness and response. Just as all countries then united, overcoming isolationism in order to solve their problems, it is necessary to do so today in order to “build a more reliable international health architecture”. The main goal of the treaty should be to promote a whole-of-government, whole-of-society approach, which should lead to greater mutual accountability and transparency.

Finally, in May, this was repeated by the WHO Director General at the 74th session of the World Health Assembly.Having that the existing doses of vaccines were sufficient so far for only 1% of the population of 125 countries, he urged Member States to support the vaccination campaign by September at least 10% population of the world en and make a "breakthrough" for vaccination by the end of December at least 30% of the population. The IMF has more ambitious goals, to vaccinate 40% of the world's population by the end of the year, and 60% by mid-2022. The European Union has 70% of the population by September 2021. So the figures of 60% in the Russian Federation are not determined by the nat. interests, but international attitudes.

The CEO has called for a legally binding pandemic preparedness and response agreement that will only overcome the underlying gaps. And again frightening predictions and attitudes sounded from his lips: "Do not have illusions: this pandemic will not be the last ... The very nature of evolutionary processes allows us to confidently assert that there will be another virus, even more transmissible and deadly than this one."

This issue should be considered at a special session of the World Assembly from November 29 to December 1, 2021.


Since the late 90s, health has been viewed not as a humanitarian, but as a global political and economic issue, as well. WHO began to target private players as major sponsors, with whom global partnerships, PPPs, foundations, initiatives and projects were created. It was during this period that F.G. enters the arena, whose health care expenditures around the world exceed those of all governments except the US government, and who began to informally determine the priorities of global health care and influence policy. As a result, the agenda is dictated not by WHO, but by the largest financial institutions and Big Pharma.

With the proclamation of a pandemic, the contours of a new medical order are looming.

First, a system of financing uncontrolled by the states is emerging. The main financial sponsors of the above processes are the World Bank (WB), the IMF and other international development banks (IDBs). On April 2, 2020, the WB presented the "Program of Strategic Preparedness and Response to COVID-19", the expected closing date of which is March 31, 2025. It describes in detail the measures to combat the pandemic, which should be monitored in close coordination with all multilateral and regional donor agencies and emphasized that “The Bank and the international community will play a key role in the response to COVID-19 by following WHO's technical guidance.” By June 2023, the WB is to allocate $ 330 billion, and the IMF in Special Drawing Rights (SDR), according to the latest report from the Rockefeller Foundation, - $ 44 billion for vaccines. All of this is part of the COVAX global initiative for equitable access to vaccine.

In addition, the WHO Foundation, an independent entity headquartered in Geneva, was established in May 2020 to broaden the WHO donor base and “increase the sustainability” of its funding. Tedros Ghebreyesus praised this step as "one of the elements of transformation" of WHO and "a unique opportunity to participate in the joint shaping of the future contours of world health".

Secondly, preparations are underway to approve a unified regulatory framework for combating the pandemic based on international standards. To this end, WHO, the United Nations Development Program, the Joint United Nations Program on HIV / AIDS and the Georgetown University Institute of Law have created the COVID-19 Law Lab , which has created a database for use of all regulations, rules and measures introduced in response. to fight COVID-19 in more than 190 countries. In the event of such general unification, each state will be obliged to harmonize laws that have an impact on health and go beyond the health sector today, not with national interests and values, but with international obligations to respond to existing and “emerging threats” to health.

Thirdly, a unified ideological basis is being formed to substantiate methods of combating a pandemic, for which, in particular, a new "science" was proclaimed - infodemilogy, designed to fight "infodemic", which means inaccurate information during epidemics, weakening the effectiveness of global measures... Even before the so-called "pandemic" was announced, Andrew Pattinson, the head of digital operations at WHO, held a roundtable and signed an agreement with Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and 30 companies to censor all unverified information that is not in line with the WHO approach.

Relevant initiatives by the UN and WHO see tackling the "infodemic" problem as an important part of the fight against the pandemic. Considering that WHO speaks about the inevitability of several waves of pandemics and new, more terrible pandemics, infodemiology is turning into an ideological tool for global agencies and the largest pharmaceutical companies and banks they serve to suppress any alternative approach and opinions that qualify as "unscientific" and "posing a threat"...

Similar attempts to create and impose a world totalitarian ideology in the field of science and morality have already been carried out by Nazi Germany. And what kind of ideology it is is well known from the frankly eugenic programs of the Rockefeller and Gates foundations. And it is no coincidence that Tedros, speaking of vaccination, proclaimed new names for the coronavirus variants first identified in the UK, South Africa, Brazil and India, naming them Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta, respectively - a reference to Aldous Huxley's globalist manifesto "Brave New World" Julian Huxley, a member of the Royal Society of London, British Eugenics Society, evolutionary biologist, supporter of natural selection, known as "Malthus of the 20th century", became the first Director-General of UNESCO.

Such statements by representatives of global agencies and departments not only form the basis of the eugenic rhetoric of discrimination, and then the segregation of people according to the "covid" principle - either by belonging to the type of viral variant, or by the principle: vaccinated-not vaccinated, but actually become the basis for rehabilitation fascism.

It is clear that we are talking about an agreement that will legally secure the right of a narrow elite circle of people adhering to the eugenic worldview to concentrate significant power in their hands and determine the goals and objectives of world medicine. And given that universal compulsory vaccination is becoming a priority, it is clear that we are talking about creating a new medical order, in which Russia will lose the right to defend its security.

A country that defeated fascism, achieved human protection, the Nuremberg Process and the adoption of the 1947 Nuremberg Code at the cost of millions of lives of its sons and daughters, does not have the moral, moral, human right to take part in such a Pandemic Agreement, under the cover of which the implementation of the “new world order ”, once already declared by Adolf Hitler.

We, the citizens of the Russian Federation, have the right to know what kind of future global world agencies unaccountable to anyone are preparing for us, just as we have the right to decide whether we accept it or not.

The heirs of victory are obliged to say their unequivocal NO to fascism that has raised its head!"

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