Lukashenko said that people with US passports were detained in Belarus

Lukashenko said that people with US passports were detained in Belarus
Lukashenko said that people with US passports were detained in Belarus
6 August 2020, 15:40In the worldPhoto:
President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that a hybrid war is being waged against the republic. The head of state does not know who exactly is trying to destabilize the situation, but he assumes that they are Americans, Ukrainians or "Eastern brothers".

Lukashenko claims that among the detainees there are people "with American passports, married to American women who are working in the State Department".

- Honestly, and, probably, you will not tell me anything new: we do not know what they are capable of. We don't even know who they are. Either it is the Americans with NATO, or someone from Ukraine is pressing us, or our Eastern brothers "love" us so much - we do not even know. A hybrid war is going on against Belarus, and we must wait for dirty tricks from any side. By the way, this is what we are doing, - BelTA quotes Lukashenko.

The Belarusian leader added that a fairly large number of people, and not only Russians, have already been detained in the country.

- Sometimes it comes to miracles. The media are alarming us that the Americans and NATO are trying to seize us here. Some people were detained with American passports, married to American women working in the State Department. But with bayonets at the ready they are protected by the Russian leaders, - Lukashenko said at a meeting on ensuring the security of the election campaign.

It should be reminded that on July 29, 33 Russian citizens were detained on the territory of Belarus - 32 near Minsk and one in the south of the country. The republic claims that all of them are fighters of PMC Wagner. A criminal case was opened against them for the preparation of riots.

The Russian Ambassador to Belarus Dmitry Mezentsev stated that the detained Russians were sent through the republic in transit. But Lukashenko said that some external forces intend to destabilize the situation in the republic on the eve of the elections, while he mentioned foreign private military companies as possible organizers of the riots.

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