Russia is at gunpoint: the US has developed a new plan to combat money laundering

Russia is at gunpoint: the US has developed a new plan to combat money laundering
Russia is at gunpoint: the US has developed a new plan to combat money laundering
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Russian corruption is corroding, as it turns out, not only our country, but also constitutes a colossal threat to the national security of the United States.

A clear understanding of this has recently crystallized in the White House administration and took shape in the so-called Biden doctrine and the Four Horsemen Law on Dirty Money Laundering.

We are talking about plans that, according to the author of one of the YouTube channels, Yuri Shvets, "have not yet been widely announced publicly". This is an unprecedented plan in American history to combat corruption in other countries and money laundering in the United States itself.

"There has never been anything like this in the history of the States".

And this plan is an integral part of Biden's doctrine, which provides for "the struggle, the Crusade of the United States and its European allies against autocratic regimes in the person of China and the Putin regime that has joined it".

According to Shvets, the United States has never set itself plans to fight foreign corruption so "strenuously, conceptually and comprehensively".

This topic came up only occasionally, when "well, very large scandals with the laundering of foreign money on American territory" revealed themselves, but then it subsided again and did not spill out into a targeted large-scale campaign.

"But now the situation is different: there is every reason to believe that this will happen".

The insider reminds many skeptics about Biden: this is the first administration in US history to develop such a plan and is really determined to implement it.

"Not because she wants it so much, but because, as they say, we have already arrived and we can no longer wait!"

There are fifteen banks in the United States, each of which has as much money under its management as roughly makes up Russia's gross national product. That is, in 15 US banks - 15 GDP of Russia.

And, it would seem, we should be happy about this, the insider notes, because it seems that over the past 20-30 years these banks have become global, gained unprecedented economic and financial power, but at the same time “mafization and oligarchization of the economy took place in the expanses of the former USSR , dirty money appeared offshore - both in the United States and in Western Europe”.

As a result, authoritarian regimes such as the Chinese and Putin regimes have become stronger. And financial crises followed.

Accordingly, the financial world situation is not only not being cleared, "on the contrary, it is becoming more and more tense."

Thus, "smart people in the US Congress" came to the conclusion that "we are at a turning point in history when the question is being decided who is anyone - autocratic regimes or democracy". And it is this understanding of this that formed the basis of the concept of the so-called Biden doctrine.

It will be a peaceful, unarmed struggle, and one of its main tasks is the fight against foreign corruption, which leads to money laundering and is becoming one of the main threats to US national security, the insider notes again and again.

The main weapon of modern Russia, he said, is not missiles at all, but corruption that is spreading to Western countries.

“In terms of its strategic importance in the arsenal of methods and means of Russia's foreign policy, corruption is more effective than missiles. It can be compared with the missiles of the Soviet era, only it is more effective, since the missiles could not be used, and they were not used, and corruption is used on a large scale. It results in the process of schroederisation of the Western European elite and the trampisation of the American elite. Washington has finally realized that corruption and money laundering are Putin's strategic weapons, we need to end it, this is the most important task of US foreign policy. "

These thoughts were first voiced in the framework of the Helsinki Commission of the US Congress.

This is exactly the commission that is most deeply involved in the development of events on the territory of the former Soviet Union. It was this commission that secured the adoption of the Magnitsky Act, and this year compiled the Navalny List of 35 associates of the Russian president and made sanctions against them an integral part of the US military budget for the next fiscal year.

In the depths of this commission, a company of enthusiasts has gathered who are eager to finally start a "decisive battle, more precisely, a military campaign" aimed at "suppressing the ability of oligarchs and corrupt officials from autocratic countries - primarily from Russia - to export dirty money to Western countries and offshore”.

The members of the commission want to deprive them of the opportunity to create in the West "bases for their children, wives, mistresses, for their cloudless retirement, and force them to live where they rule and create unbearable living conditions for their fellow citizens".

The developed action plan covers the entire first term of Biden's rule, that is, the period until the end of 2024, and includes a number of unprecedented points of struggle against these phenomena.

Shvets attended one of the conferences where these issues were discussed and made a detailed summary.

In particular, the members of the commission said that 30 years after the end of the Cold War, the United States must admit that "it cannot continue this way".

“We must find a solution to how to cleanse ourselves of dirty money coming from autocratic regimes and, above all, from Russia. We must decide how to strike a blow at modern dictators and authoritarian regimes - first of all, Russia. This is our current battlefield. If we don't, our system will fail. The challenge is to create such a system that in the United States and Western Europe it will be impossible to take dirty money from corrupt officials. "

The author recalled that during the Cold War, no self-respecting American would even have thought to take money from representatives of the USSR, otherwise it would be tantamount to encouraging Soviet aggression.

Over the past few years, approximately $ 2 billion has been laundered through the US real estate sector, 80% of this money has been laundered by clients in 26 countries. 56% of them are representatives of Latin America, that is, a significant part of the turnover is drug money.

Investigators from the commission claim that in about 50% of these cases, they went to the corrupt politicians of these countries. "We are talking about high-ranking and very famous people".

The Commission has developed "a very specific program and is determined to implement it". A significant part of the points of this program can be implemented by the current administration, which considers these tasks one of the priorities.

The Biden administration understands that it is not so easy to “harass” American intermediaries of the corrupt elite of autocratic regimes, including lawyers and representatives of lobbying companies, it is the country's elite, and that ideally, a special law and support from Congress are needed in its adoption.

They call this law "The Four Horsemen Law for laundering dirty corruption money from authoritarian regimes" hostile to the US national interests.

“I remember there was a case in the 1990s when former Prime Minister Lazarenko and his wife bought a house, or rather, not a house, but a whole palace with two helipads, from the actor Eddie Murphy. Then it cost some unfortunate three million dollars. For payment, Lazarenko's wife brought, as the real estate agent later described it, a bag full of cash. But now it’s not done like that, ”Shvets said.

If all the intermediaries are “struck and driven under the pile” , money laundering will become practically impossible, the “enthusiasts” for introducing the law believe.

The Americans want to pass a law that will allow them to "drive under the plinth of lawyers and law firms," which, as an insider points out, are now largely "friends of foreign oligarchs and corrupt officials from hostile regimes." This is the first rider.

The second "rider" is finance specialists, accountants, financiers, who keep accounts and help spend money so that these transactions are invisible to the inspection authorities. They "are aware of the most intimate secrets of the corrupt oligarchs".

The third “rider” is company start-up agents.

And the last, fourth, "rider" - "new and very important", these are hidden PR-companies and marketing companies that conduct black ops - black operations, and if translated literally, these are subversive operations of special services.

“That is, the activities of such companies are equated with the activities of special services. Their main function is to spread disinformation in the interests of the intelligence services and foreign governments. In particular, they talked about Russia, the Kremlin, and the Russian special services. These companies are a channel for the implementation of active measures by the Kremlin and the Russian special services. This is the psychological information war that is being waged by Russia, and one of its mouthpieces is, in particular, Russia Today".

At the end of his video, the analyst expressed the hope that the US Congress will support the Biden administration: “In any case, when it comes to Congress, it will become absolutely clear which party supports the plan to protect US national security and stands for the fight against authoritarian regimes. and which party protects shady businessmen who help hostile foreign states to launder money and strike at America".

At the same time, we are talking about the fact that even the most insignificant amounts coming from Russia and other suspicious countries will be checked - from 10 thousand dollars and more.

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