The New York Times: No Alien Trail Found in Pentagon UFO Report

The New York Times: No Alien Trail Found in Pentagon UFO Report
The New York Times: No Alien Trail Found in Pentagon UFO Report
7 June, 18:02In the world
The publication reports that the staff of the US military department did not find evidence that the UFOs recorded in recent years were of an alien origin. The report has not yet been released, but insiders from among the "high-ranking administration officials" have already shared the results.

On December 21, 2020, the US Senate Intelligence Committee gave the Director of National Intelligence and Secretary of Defense 180 days to prepare a UFO report. In recent years, Americans, including US Navy pilots, have repeatedly filmed mysterious objects that seemingly moved at supersonic speeds. The interest in them on the part of the military and special services is caused by anxiety that the "plates" may in fact be a product of Chinese or Russian high technologies. It is assumed that the new report should include documentation of observations made in recent years, as well as propose new standards for recording and interpreting such cases, reports LiveScience.

The report is scheduled to be presented to Congress on June 25, then most of it will be available to the public. However, The New York Times has already managed to find out from "high-ranking officials of the administration", who were informed about the report's conclusions, about some of the results. According to insiders, the report claims that no evidence of the extraterrestrial origin of UFOs seen in recent years has been found. This also applies to objects that performed aerodynamic stunts beyond the capabilities of aircraft known to us. However, these facilities are also not American-made technologies, the report says. According to the authors, it is difficult to say with certainty what the nature of these UFOs is. Many possible explanations - for example, that these are weather balloons - disappear due to the extraordinary speed or maneuverability of the objects.

The report reviewed over 120 UFO sightings that span two decades. Part of the report, according to The New York Times, will remain classified, but even there "will not contain evidence that these phenomena are alien spacecraft".

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