Zelensky invited Biden to meet at any time before the summit with Putin

Zelensky invited Biden to meet at any time before the summit with Putin
Zelensky invited Biden to meet at any time before the summit with Putin
7 June, 16:37In the world
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky invited US President Joe Biden to meet with him "at any time and anywhere in the world" before he holds a summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva. The summit is scheduled for June 16.

The reason for the emergency meeting between the two presidents was the refusal of the US from sanctions against the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. In an interview with the American publication Axios Zelensky stated that the United States did not warn Ukraine about its plans to drop sanctions. Zelensky called the gas pipeline under construction "a real weapon in the hands of Russia". "It is not very clear why bullets for these weapons can be provided by such a great country as the United States", - Zelensky added.

The Ukrainian president was worried that with the completion of the project, Russia would be able to supply gas to Europe bypassing Ukraine. The President noted that the United States can still influence the completion of this project. “I still believe Biden is Michael Jordan in politics”, - Zelenskiy said, referring to a basketball player who gave opponents the false sense of victory and then won the match.

The source of the publication claims that Zelensky agreed on a telephone conversation with Biden on June 7.

Recall that the United States abandoned new sanctions on Nord Stream 2 in May in order not to spoil relations with Germany, which had repeatedly asked America not to interfere with the completion of this project and even offered a billion-dollar contract for the construction of two harbors for exporting American gas to Europe...

At the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF-21), Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the laying of Nord Stream 2 had already been completed, and all that was left was to "raise and weld the pipes".

At the upcoming meeting in Geneva, Putin intends to discuss with Biden the settlement of international conflicts in hot spots, disarmament processes, the fight against terrorism and pandemic, as well as environmental issues. Biden also intends to raise the issue of human rights violations.

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