Conflict escalates: Turkey moves its tanks to the border with Greece

Conflict escalates: Turkey moves its tanks to the border with Greece
Conflict escalates: Turkey moves its tanks to the border with Greece
7 September 2020, 09:50In the worldPhoto:
Two convoys with military equipment, including about 40 tanks, were sent by Turkey from the southeastern province of Hatay on the border with Syria to the northwestern province of Edirne, which is located on the border with Greece.

A source in the military circles told the IHA agency . According to him, the military equipment has already left the territory bordering with Syria and headed for the border with Greece by rail.

It is noted that the transfer of weapons is carried out against the background of the escalated conflict in the Eastern Mediterranean. Earlier, Greece moved its troops to the island near Turkey.

Anadolu agency's source said that the redeployment of Turkish equipment is not related to the conflict in the Eastern Mediterranean, but is planned. The Turkish Ministry of Defense has not yet commented on the situation with the transfer of military equipment from one border to another.

Relations between Turkey and Greece have escalated in recent years after a Turkish vessel began seismic surveys near the Greek island of Kastelorizo. A large gas field was recently discovered there. In the future, Turkey intends to produce hydrocarbons here. Turkey began its exploration in the places that Greece considers its exclusive economic zone. Turkey has also launched similar studies near the waters of Cyprus. Greece and Turkey have exchanged accusations. Turkey is now trying to find legal justification why it can use this territory for research in its own interests. Athens, in turn, put its troops on high alert. In Greece, they said they would not yield a single meter of their territory to Turkey. Now the country is seeking the introduction of EU sanctions against Turkey.

Earlier, the head of the Turkish National Movement party, which supports the policy of the ruling party, Devlet Bahceli, said that war with Greece is inevitable - it is only a matter of time. He added that Turkey will not abandon its interests in the Aegean and Mediterranean Sea, and tensions between the countries will continue to increase.

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