Russian parliamentarians believe that the boomerang of color revolutions returned to America

Russian parliamentarians believe that the boomerang of color revolutions returned to America
Russian parliamentarians believe that the boomerang of color revolutions returned to America
8 January 2021, 15:09In the worldPhoto: Соцсети
The unrest in Washington was the result of a split in American society, which casts a shadow on the transfer of power and deprives the United States of the right to impose electoral standards on other countries.

This opinion was expressed on Thursday by the head of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs Leonid Slutsky.

"What happened in Washington was a consequence of the split of American society in two. The riots on Capitol Hill, which interrupted the official approval of electoral votes in Congress, certainly cast a shadow on the entire process of democratic transfer of power," he told TASS reporters.

In the opinion of the head of the committee, "the United States certainly cannot now impose electoral standards on other countries and claim to be the world's "beacon of democracy".

"The boomerang of color revolutions, as we see, is returning to the United States. All this threatens to turn into a crisis in the American system of power in the new century", - the parliamentarian summed up.

Donald Trump's narcissism and unclear nuances in the counting of votes in the past elections became the reasons for Americans to take to the streets. According to the head of the Federation Council Committee on International Affairs Konstantin Kosachyov, the United States can no longer impose a course on democracy on anyone, since it has lost all rights to do so.

"The holiday of democracy is over. This, alas, is actually the bottom, I say this without a shadow of gloating. America no longer charts a course, and therefore has lost all right to set it. And even more so to impose on others", - wrote the Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on international affairs Konstantin Kosachyov on his page in Facebook.

In his opinion, the events in Washington have "several layers of reasons leading people to the streets." "On the surface - Trump's narcissism, eccentricity and adventurism, playing as an unyielding adherent of the course, standing on the bridge of a sinking ship. Deeper - and unclear zigzags in the counting of votes on November 3 and now in Georgia," - said the senator.

Kosachyov also believes that this time the losing side has more than enough grounds for accusing the winners of falsifications. "American democracy is obviously limping on both feet", - he notes.

"And in the depths - more and more impersonal political platforms of Democrats and Republicans, designed for everyone and whomever, leading, according to the laws of mathematics and communicating vessels, to an approximate equality of the supporters of both. America is split in half, half equal in strength will always challenge any voting results not in their favor", - said the head of the international committee of the Federation Council.

However, the Russian political scientist Abbas Gallyamov saw nothing terrible for American democracy.

“Under authoritarianism, the inability of the authorities to cope with the crowd looks like a weakness; in a democracy, it does not appear to be such”, - Gallyamov writes, - “Strictly speaking, the authorities should not prevent people from expressing their disagreement at all. then law enforcement officers can intervene - but not before serious concerns arise about the security problem for citizens".

In general, by allowing the disaffected to freely demonstrate their discontent, democracy simply proves once again that it is a democracy. She only confirms at this moment her legitimacy. So a moment of weakness becomes a moment of strength.

Let's not forget that the people's right to change their government is enshrined in the US Declaration of Independence, the country's founding document. Although, of course, it is unusual for us that something proclaimed in the declaration can be taken seriously".

"Trump's party just lost two senators in Georgia and, quite deservedly, lost a majority in the Senate. In two houses of Congress, the Democrats now hold the majority. Those who promoted and played along with the crazy clown for four years, refused to impeach him, became losers", - evaluates the situation, Yabloko journalist Alexey Melnikov, - But the most important defeat Trump suffered yesterday - he showed that a narcissist who does not want to give up power can lead the country to the defeat of democracy. A reasonable part of America and the world is in shock. But American democracy defended itself Unlike ours, the Russian one, we were unable to resist the seizure of power by Yeltsin and the consolidation of this seizure by his successor, Putin".

It seems that by yesterday's events Trump is completely buried - he will never be president again. The Democrats were right about Trump, if not in everything, then in the main thing - the most essential. This person should not have been allowed to power".

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