The secret is out: in Israel vaccinated old people die more often than unvaccinated

The secret is out: in Israel vaccinated old people die more often than unvaccinated
The secret is out: in Israel vaccinated old people die more often than unvaccinated
8 February 2021, 16:11In the world
After the start of vaccination in Israel, more people died from the corona in the over 85 group than in all of 2020, the situation is not much better in other age groups.

An American blogger with the nickname Antiscientism is seriously concerned about the state of affairs in Israel, where since the beginning of vaccination of people over 85 years old, more have died than in the entire last year. Despite the fact that 87% have already received vaccinations in it. Of these, 930 people died in just 0 days from the start of vaccination, and last year only 851 people...

In another group, the numbers are more sparing: of 75-84-year-olds, half of those who died in the same time died in the same time. The chances of surviving until recovery have also halved in people over 65.

Well, and most importantly, for the entire pandemic last year, 3,050 people died from coronavirus in the country, but in just a month and a half of this year - 1,900 people. How do you know if a vaccine is working? It is necessary to compare the proportion of the well-vaccinated group 85+ with the total number of deaths before and after vaccination. If after vaccination the share of this group has decreased, then the vaccine is working. If it remains the same, then the vaccine does not work and among the deceased at least 78% of the vaccinated. And if the proportion of this group has increased, then the vaccine leads to death. So, in 2020, the share of this group was 28% of all deaths with coronavirus. And after vaccination, it is 54%, that is, it has doubled compared to 2020! Further, having analyzed in detail the mechanism of action of both the virus and the vaccine, the blogger comes to the conclusion that vaccination simply does not work, and especially in the face of constant mutation of the coronavirus.

This is because the vaccine, coping with this type of virus, simultaneously kills the immune system, and the body is no longer able to resist a new infection.

So it turns out that 40 to 70% of those vaccinated will die. What to do in such a situation?

Here's what the author thinks about this:

“For people under 70, the danger of dying from the coronavirus is less than the risk of dying in a car accident. So, if you cross the streets and drive in a car, then you have no reasonable reason to inject with dangerous unknown drugs. In countries that did not introduce any quarantine measures, no additional mortality was observed. Do I need to get vaccinated to save the elderly? It is important to know that OFFICIALLY this injection does not prevent the possibility of transmission of the virus. Therefore, he does not save the elderly, but he exposes you to mortal danger with a high probability of realization. Should a risk group be vaccinated?

1. There are several methods of prevention and treatment of coronavirus. We are talking about protocols tested on hundreds of thousands and millions of people by dozens of different studies. These treatments are accepted as treatments in several countries. They give unambiguously good results. And ALL who use them either avoid the coronavirus infection, or carry it in a mild form.

2. The vaccine has not been tested in a risk group. Over 30,000 participants in the vaccine trials were carefully selected. All of them were absolutely healthy and had no allergic reactions! So on you, dear representatives of the risk group, the vaccine was not tested at all from the word at all.

3. In Israel, 3000 people died with coronavirus in a year before vaccination. In 40 days of vaccination with coronavirus, 1,800 people died. Moreover, the deceased belong to the age category that was vaccinated. And we don't yet know about the number of people who have died from heart attacks and other severe side effects.

4. In all countries, vaccination coincided with a sharp rise in the number of deaths from coronavirus. Thus, the risk of dying from coronavirus is much greater with the vaccine than without it, ESPECIALLY FOR THE RISK GROUP. In a natural situation, the body makes several different types of antibodies. They bind the virus securely and disappear quickly. This is why the likelihood of re-infection in the presence of one specific type of old-style antibodies is practically impossible.


But Israel does not calm down in the elderly, priority vaccination of pregnant women and children is next, despite the fact that there are no studies indicating the safety of mRNA vaccines for pregnant women and the fetus, as well as children. However, according to a completely incomprehensible logic, Israel really wants to turn its young women and children into guinea pigs.

At the same time, the Haaretz newspaper previously reported "Children and pregnant women will be the last to receive the COVID-19 vaccine in Israel". Moreover, WHO did not recommend the use of these vaccines for pregnant women due to their lack of knowledge. A Pfizer spokesman, when asked about the decision, said it was a decision made exclusively by Israel's registration authority.

But the Japanese authorities, whose inhabitants are often called the Jews of Asia, are in no hurry to start vaccination. They want to see how others react to vaccines. This is a truly wise decision...”,- the author concludes.

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