Does 'Batka' have everything under control? The web surfers are arguing about whether the epidemic has begun in Belarus

Does 'Batka' have everything under control? The web surfers  are arguing about whether the epidemic has begun in Belarus
Does 'Batka' have everything under control? The web surfers are arguing about whether the epidemic has begun in Belarus
8 April 2020, 09:15In the world
The most controversial information about the situation with coronavirus in the fraternal country comes. And it is very difficult to understand what is true and what is not.

The epidemic, as usual, has generated a huge number of rumors in the society, which can also be triggered by the authorities for the propaganda purposes. For example, it is completely incomprehensible what is happening in Belarus, the only European country in which the football championship was not even suspended!

What consequences for Belarusians will follow - will become clear later, but so far the local authorities are staying vivacious, according to the information published by Ukrainian blogger Lyudmila Chernyak, which many Russian-language social networks have reposted:

"But what about the example of Belarus? Everybody walks there, they work, they drink vodka, they go to the sauna and ride tractors, but only 94 people got sick, there are no new cases yesterday and there are no dead either! And Belarus did not close the border, and transit cargo misses, and children go to school, and online student education only at the request of the rectors, agreed with the students.

How so? Friends, do not consider 'Batka' (father) an idiot! He has elections on the nose - in August! And he has been ready to meet with the coronavirus long ago. From the very beginning Belarus invested in science, medicine and, in particular, in transplantology. Developed an organ transplant, rather than chasing black transplantologists. As a result, Ukrainians go to an organs' and bone marrow transplant where?

That's right - to "Batka'! And these are dozens of PCR laboratories with trained highly qualified personnel. And not one "reference", as in Ukraine. Belarus has already done 24,000 PCR tests for coronavirus! Belarusians test almost 1000 people a day, and how many are we? Positive test - without warning, a fully equipped team comes to the SIZ team, the patient is packed in a transport box, the family is sent for testing and two-week quarantine.

Border did not close? But why should he close them, if ALL countries bordering Belarus did this? Does transit cargo pass? Yes, he misses and takes money for it. But! Trucks go along only one clearly controlled route with tight driver control. Violated - I drove to quarantine, a car for disinfection, and do not care that it contains bananas that will float in seven days. You’ll also pay a fine ... But this is not the main thing.

The main thing is that the Old Man kept and optimized the sanitary-epidemiological service, which we inherited from the USSR, but with which we safely banged back in 2017. Do not remember whose hands it was? The first case of COVID-19 among Belarusians appeared on February 28 - an Iranian student who arrived to study at 19.00. Already at 4.00 the next day, or rather night, all of his 200 contacts of the 1st level were identified, people were found and ISOLATED. Do you know what contacts of the first and second level are? No? I think that our Ministry of Health is also gone ...

But the Old Man has prepared and deployed: - for patients: 3,500 box-beds - for isolation of contactees of the 1st level - 2,500 box-beds - for contactees of the 2nd level - 4,000 box-beds Need a prescription for medicines? Please - electronic. Doctors are all on alert; holidays are prohibited for a pandemic. Not enough resuscitation teams? The reprofiling and training of doctors is in full swing.

Ambulance crews are trained and protected, not robes and masks - protective insulating suits. Before and after leaving the call - a shower is required. Pensions - only on the card. Money is withdrawn from circulation, disinfected, and after 14 days of quarantine are returned to the market. A PCR test when entering the country is mandatory for everyone. And the cherry on the cake - ventilation devices per capita in Belarus are 3 times more than in the United States.

That's how the epidemic protection system that Semashko came up with ... And why does Old Man need quarantine now? It will be necessary - will introduce. But the country is ready for this. So much for "The tractor that heals everything ..."

Needless to say, this post caused a wave of bewilderment, irritation and indignation in Belarus itself?

Minsk resident Elena Artamonova, for example, answered this post on points:

"Immediately according to the text: with electronic prescriptions - crap, yes - they are, but my disabled parents hardly called a doctor to the house to extend prescriptions for drugs for chronic diseases. Electronic prescriptions do not work. There is some kind of resolution of the Ministry of Health - it’s not necessary for execution (I wrote for a long time in my tape). It's funny about doctors, they go on leave en masse and at their own expense (today I spoke with a friend, she works in a clinic). About an Iranian - half the truth, yes - this is the first case, yes, all BNTUs were quarantined for 2 weeks, but again, at the university zakh - half measures! "Remote" - huh ... Teachers are obliged to be at work (officials check) and keep distance from there, in general, only continuous lectures are canceled. Even the Ministry of Health does not know real statistics, sheer fraud! (it was always there, postscripts and reports). The departments of many hospitals were redesigned for coronavirus, all scheduled operations, etc. were canceled. Everyone almost goes to work, there is no support from the state, with masks - not really, although it seems that we began to sew our sewing manufactures.

Well, the text itself shows that the stuffing. Well, they do not use the words "Old Man" and "Belarus". Well, really. And in such a bravura style, we have only Belarusian television broadcasting, the Presidential Administration and thugs from the Belarusian Republican Youth Union and Belaya Rus ( And even the words "Old Man" and "Belarus" are not used there) ... ”

Blogger Roman Doroshenko, for his part, published a table in response, which shows that the number of cases in this country is growing exponentially:

"562. +122. The tractor broke down. Tough, but expected. If possible, stay at home. Apparently targeted measures had some effect, but with poor control in other matters, an accumulation of critical mass occurred (on the gentle part of the schedule). The infection was on , then the disease clinic began (the ascending part). Therefore, the growth is logical. But once again, if we understand how the process is going, then we can understand how to manage it ...


Bloggers also recall such a characteristic fact: a few days ago, Belarusian police were banned from entering the Vitebsk region, as well as leaving it. As journalists found out , thanks to their unrelated sources from law enforcement agencies from different regions, all police officers across the country voiced the order of the Interior Minister Yuri Karaev, which excludes visits to the Vitebsk region, as well as departure from it. Even the police leadership from the Vitebsk region is no longer allowed to attend meetings in Minsk. At the same time, according to interlocutors of journalists, we are talking only about one region of the country - namely the Vitebsk region. If there is no quarantine due to coronavirus in the country, then why such measures?

According to the RIA Novosti news agency , Alexander Lukashenko said that 794 people have already been hospitalized with the coronavirus COVID-19, including 31 patients undergoing mechanical ventilation (IVL), but there is absolutely no “catastrophe” in this.

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