DJs were arrested in Minsk for playing Victor Tsoi's song "Changes!"

DJs were arrested in Minsk for playing Victor Tsoi's song "Changes!"
DJs were arrested in Minsk for playing Victor Tsoi's song "Changes!"
8 August 2020, 09:10In the worldPhoto: Наша Ніва
In Minsk, sound engineers Kirill Galanov and Vladislav Sokolovsky (pictured), who during the city festival staged the song of Viktor Tsoi's Kino musical group - “Changes!”, were arrested for ten days. They were accused of disturbing public order and disrupting the concert.

Law enforcement officials considered that the DJs had played a song that "did not fit the format of the event".

“During the concert, a rally was previously planned. We were used as a plug. It angered me, I did not want to participate in this event, it contradicts my beliefs. I wanted to support Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, I had no plans to disrupt the concert”, - the Vesna volunteer center quoted Sokolovsky as saying.

On the same day, a campaign rally in support of presidential candidate Svetlana Tikhanovskaya was supposed to take place in the park, but the rally did not take place. A few days before it was held, the authorities banned the candidate from going out with posters to the park, since another event was allegedly already planned there.

Presidential elections in Belarus will take place this Sunday. Early voting is underway. Five people were allowed to participate in the elections, including the current president of the country, Alexander Lukashenko, but his main rival Viktor Babariko was not registered. In Belarus, mass rallies were held with requests from local residents to give them a choice in the elections. Experts believe that Lukashenko will crushingly lose this election if it is fair. Earlier, the country launched the Voice project, in which its organizers urged all voters to register and upload photos of their votes there. The project intends to arrange an alternative vote count. The head of the Belarusian Central Election Commission, Lidia Yermoshina, believes that an alternative vote count will compromise the results of the official voting and lead to riots. She called the platform "a harmful and criminal project".

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