Lukashenko urged security officials not to repeat the Ukrainian Maidan on the eve of the elections

Lukashenko urged security officials not to repeat the Ukrainian Maidan on the eve of the elections

9 June 2020, 23:16In the worldPhoto:
President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko recognized security officials to prepare for possible protests during the upcoming presidential election in the country.

According to him, already during the election campaign, the opposition violates the current legislation, provokes insults and attacks on the side of the government.

Earlier, the Belarusian opposition was accused of trying to infect representatives of the election commission with a coronavirus.

The president does not exclude that the situation in the country may worsen. “First, some initiative groups abuse their right to pickets and destabilize the socio-political situation in the country. Then they will form teams and groups of militants who, it is possible, will want to organize a massacre in the square”, - Lukashenko said at a meeting on national security on Tuesday during the upcoming presidential election.

According to the president, the collection of signatures for certain candidates should not turn into an unauthorized rally. “We must not allow a violation of the law, otherwise then we will pay dearly for it. You know how the situation in Ukraine developed. The law must be perfectly observed, ”the president said. According to him, already now civil servants and heads of precinct commissions, members of their families are receiving threats. The President called on law enforcement agencies to hold accountable all those involved in intimidation, as well as all those who will be aggressive towards the police.

“Democracy is a democracy, but there shouldn’t be lawlessness”, - summed up Lukashenko, adding that Belarus remains an “island of security,” and the security forces should preserve this island, “no matter what it costs them”.

In August this year, presidential elections will be held in the country. Earlier, Lukashenko ruled out the possibility of moving them to a later date due to the coronavirus pandemic. Since the beginning of the spread of the epidemic, 48.6 thousand people have already become infected in the country, 269 of them died from complications. In June, the president dissolved the government.

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