Air alert announced throughout Ukraine

Air alert announced throughout Ukraine
Air alert announced throughout Ukraine
9 November, 15:38In the world
On November 9, the Kiev authorities announced an air raid alert on November 9 and urged citizens to proceed to shelters, and then it became known that sirens sounded throughout Ukraine.

"Attention! An air alert has been declared in Kyiv! We ask everyone to urgently go to the shelters of civil protection", - the Kiev administration said in a message on the TG channel.

An air raid alert was announced today throughout Ukraine.

On November 7, an air raid alert sounded immediately in the Poltava, Kharkiv and Dnepropetrovsk regions of Ukraine.

On Monday night, 4.5 million people in Ukraine remained without electricity due to a stabilization blackout. On November 7, emergency power outages began in Kiev - at this time, the schedules will not work.

After strikes on energy infrastructure facilities in response to the terrorist attack on the Crimean bridge, since October 10, power and water shortages have been observed in many Ukrainian settlements and regions.

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