Joe Biden's son is under investigation in the US

Joe Biden's son is under investigation in the US
Joe Biden's son is under investigation in the US
10 December 2020, 10:14In the world
The Delaware US Attorney's Office is investigating Hunter Biden, son of presidential winning Joe Biden. It is known that the investigation is related to taxes paid by Hunter Biden.

"Yesterday I first learned that the US Attorney's Office in Delaware informed my lawyer, also yesterday, that they are investigating my tax cases... I take this issue very seriously, but I am sure that a professional and objective analysis of these issues will show that I was doing my business lawfully and properly, including with the help of professional tax consultants", - Kommersant quotes the words of Biden Jr., referring to AFP.

Fox News then reported that the investigation was being conducted over "suspicious foreign transactions", including from China. The source cited by the channel stated that the investigation has been ongoing since 2018 and includes an examination of a laptop that allegedly belongs to Hunter Biden.

Let us recall that in October, Biden Jr. was at the center of another scandal, when The New York Post published material based on letters that were received from a laptop that probably belonged to Hunter Biden. The material said that Joe Biden, despite his own statements, met with Ukrainian entrepreneurs while his son worked on the board of directors of the Burisma gas holding. Fifty former high-ranking American intelligence officers signed a letter in which they expressed confidence that the publication of Hunter Biden's correspondence was a Russian operation, but the FBI found no ties with the Russian Federation.

We also remind that the current US President Donald Trump said that Joe Biden received $ 3.5 million through Russian President Vladimir Putin. Earlier, Republican senators accused Biden's son of receiving the same amount from the widow of former Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov, Yelena Baturina.

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