EU ceases to recognize Juan Guaido as the head of Venezuela

EU ceases to recognize Juan Guaido as the head of Venezuela
EU ceases to recognize Juan Guaido as the head of Venezuela
11 January 2021, 09:29In the worldPhoto: EP/D
In January 2019, Venezuela was engulfed in mass protests, against the background of which opposition politician Juan Guaido said that the constitution allows him to carry on the powers of head of state.

He was recognized as the de jure President of Venezuela in a number of Latin American countries, in the USA, Great Britain and in the countries of the European Union (EU).

De facto, at the same time, Nicolas Maduro remained and remains the head of Venezuela. China, Russia, Turkey, Vietnam, Iran, Nicaragua and a number of other countries announced their support during the political crisis of 2019. But now the EU countries have come to the conclusion that the recognition of Juan Guaido by the head of Venezuela was hasty.

Due to the fact that Juan Guaido has now lost his post as head of the Venezuelan parliament after the elections in the country in December, the EU announced that it can no longer recognize him as interim president. At the same time, EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs Josep Borrell noted that Juan Guaidó continues to be considered a prominent figure in the Venezuelan opposition. The representative of the European Commission said that such a decision was taken unanimously, Euronews notes.

According to the publication, the EU member states previously refused to recognize Nicolas Maduro as the legitimate leader of Venezuela, but now, already in the new year 2021, they have also taken the opposite decision.

"This text has been agreed and adopted by all 27 EU countries. The text reflects the EU's position that we regard Juan Guaido and the members of the last democratic elected institution, which is the outgoing National Assembly, as important interlocutors. We will continue to work with them", - stressed the press secretary of the European External Action Service Peter Stano.

Nevertheless, many do not exclude that, having made such a decision, the EU decided to normalize relations with Venezuela, since the change of power in 2019 did not take place there. At the same time, the last major march of Juan Guaidó's supporters in the Venezuelan capital Caracas was dispersed in March last year with the use of tear gas.

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