A protester was killed during the clashes in Minsk

A protester was killed during the clashes in Minsk
A protester was killed during the clashes in Minsk
11 August 2020, 09:33In the worldPhoto: Татьяна Зенкович / ЕРА/ТАСС
During the protest actions in Minsk on Tuesday night, one person died, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus reports. The department said that the protester was going to throw an explosive device at the special forces.

- August 10 at about 23.00, during the riots in Minsk on the street. Pritytsky, the crowd built barricades to block the movement. During the confrontation with the special forces who arrived to unblock the square, one of the protesters tried to throw an unidentified explosive device towards the law enforcement officers. It exploded in his hand, the man received injuries incompatible with life, - writes the press secretary of the department Olga Chemodanova in her Telegram channel.

She adds that an investigative and operational group is working at the scene, and all the circumstances of the incident are being established.

According to RBC, at about 23:30 in the area of Pritytskogo Street, the sounds of single shots and stun grenades were heard. According to the newspaper's correspondent, the people who are there have a sore throat and watery eyes, breathing is difficult.

Earlier, the human rights center Vesna wrote about one person who died as a result of a run over by a special vehicle on protesters in the Belarusian capital. However, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the republic officially denied this information.

Let us remind you that protest actions began in the republic on August 9, the day of the presidential elections, after the polling stations were closed. The riots continued the next day. The police are carrying out harsh detentions.

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