A group of black people attacked a policeman in London (VIDEO)

A group of black people attacked a policeman in London (VIDEO)
A group of black people attacked a policeman in London (VIDEO)
12 June 2020, 23:51In the worldPhoto: the Telegraph
The London policeman tried to detain the troublemaker, but several more people ran up to him and began to beat. The footage of a video published on the Internet shows that one of the attackers had a bit. Another danced on the background of a brawl and was taking a selfie.

A female officer stood up for the policeman, as a result, the attackers switched to her. It is reported that after the incident, four attackers, including a 13-year-old, were still detained. The British media commented on the incident as a “shocking, shocking and shameful attack”, which was condemned by the Secretary of the Interior and the police chiefs.

Video:The Telegraph

"More than 30,000 police officers are attacked every year in England and Wales, and there is growing concern over the hobbies of some people who shoot such incidents and post them on social networks," The Daily Telegraph, a British newspaper, said. The video shows that the officers were nailed to the ground and his female colleague is being pushed when she tries to intervene. Several people, including one with a baseball bat, surround the officers of Scotland Yard, they swear, scream and shoot what is happening on their phones".

John Upper, Chairman of the Police Federation of England and Wales, noted that "for some, it’s almost a hobby now - to video shoot an attack on a police officer and post it on social networks". The British Parliament is planning to consider a bill to increase the punishment for attacks on police officers, which have become more frequent during recent protests in the United States and several other countries after the murder by the police of the American city of Minneapolis by African American George Floyd.

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