More than 40 killed in landslides in Venezuela

More than 40 killed in landslides in Venezuela
More than 40 killed in landslides in Venezuela
12 October, 09:22In the worldPhoto: epa/vostock-photo
At least 43 people have died due to heavy rains, landslides and flooding in the city of Las Tejerias, Aragua state in Venezuela.

It is reported by Interfax with reference to the Associated Press. Landslides and loss of life provoked heavy rains. Initially, local authorities reported 37 dead. But as the rubble is cleared, the number of victims increases.

“According to preliminary data, 56 people are listed as missing,” the report says.

The search for people under the rubble is carried out by volunteers and rescuers, who have equipment, drones and service dogs at their disposal.

Due to heavy rains in the rivers, the water level rose, which led to landslides and floods. Powerful streams of water washed away houses and street furniture, destroying everything in its path. Crops were damaged, water supply was interrupted.

As a result of the disaster in the city of Las Teherias, where 50,000 people live, 317 houses were destroyed, and another 750 were partially destroyed.

For people who have lost their homes, the authorities promise to open temporary accommodation centers.

Three days of mourning has been declared in the country.

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