PACE recognized the Russian Federation as a "terrorist regime"

PACE recognized the Russian Federation as a "terrorist regime"
PACE recognized the Russian Federation as a "terrorist regime"
13 October, 17:49In the worldPhoto:
Members of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) in a statement adopted on October 13 in Strasbourg on the conflict in Ukraine recognized Russia as a “terrorist regime”.

The text of the resolution on the escalation of the Ukrainian conflict has been published on the PACE official website.

The fifth paragraph of the document states that 5,800 civilians have already become victims of the armed conflict on the territory of Ukraine.

In amendment No. 7 to the text of the resolution adopted at the end of the session, after paragraph 11.6, the participants of the forum included the following wording:

“Declare the Russian Federation a terrorist regime,” the document says.

As TASS notes, statements by PACE, which is a consultative structure, "are not binding." Of the 612 deputies in the assembly, 100 people attended the vote.

TASS also clarifies that before the vote, in his video message, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called on PACE to become the first organization in the world to recognize Russia as a "terrorist country." An amendment containing such an accusation was included in the text of the resolution at the insistence of 8 deputies, primarily Ukrainian and Baltic ones.

The organization's website states that 79 deputies voted for the inclusion in the text of the amendment calling the Russian Federation a "terrorist regime", two voted against, one abstained.

Russia was excluded from the Council of Europe and all its structures in March 2022.

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