Seattle revolted: American anarchists put forward an ultimatum to the authorities

Seattle revolted: American anarchists put forward an ultimatum to the authorities
Seattle revolted: American anarchists put forward an ultimatum to the authorities
14 June 2020, 17:34In the world
The insurgents who seized one of the districts of the American city of Seattle appealed to the city authorities with a request to reform the justice, health and education systems.

Social networks are discussing one of the amazing outcomes of American events - the protesters seizing the small, but the whole area of Seattle Neighborhoods and the proclamation of the People's Republic of Capitol under the informal control of African-American rapper Reza Simon there. The order in the new “state” is not watched by the police, who were driven out of there, but by anarchists armed with Kalashnikovs. Moreover, the insurgents imposed a tribute to local businessmen and residents of the district, and any resistance to their will is suppressed, and Seattle’s police can’t get into this area on anyone’s complaint, they’re just not allowed to go there.

But the most interesting thing in this story is the rebels' appeal to Seattle City Hall. These are the requirements they put forward: "Welcome to the free Capitol Hill".

For ease of consideration, we divided these requirements into four categories: justice, health and social services, economics and education

Given the historical moment, we will start with our requirements regarding the justice system:

  1. The Seattle Police Department and its related judiciary are not subject to reform. We do not ask for reform, we demand cancellation. We demand that the Seattle City Council and the mayor stop funding and abolish the Seattle Police Department (DPS), as well as the criminal justice apparatus attached to it. This means [canceled] 100% financing, including existing pensions for Seattle police. Given equal priority, we also require the city to ban ICE [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] in Seattle
  2. In the transition between the current moment and the liquidation of the Seattle Police Department, we demand that the use of armed force be completely prohibited. No weapons, no batons, no guards, no chemical weapons, especially against those who use the First Amendment as a right to protest
  3. We demand the termination of the school-prison system and the abolition of youth prisons. Take the children out of prison and the police out of school. We also demand that the new youth prison under construction in Seattle be redesigned
  4. We demand that not the city or state government, but the federal government, initiate a full investigation of past and current police brutality in Seattle and Washington, as well as the resumption of all pending cases submitted to the Police Oversight Office. In particular, we demand that cases relating to Seattle and the state of Washington be resumed where justice has not been administered, namely the cases of Josiah Faletoy, Damarius Bats, Isaiah Vow, Tommy Le, Sean Fur and Charlene Liles
  5. We demand compensation for victims of police brutality in a form to be determined
  6. We demand that the city of Seattle divulge the names of officers involved in police brutality. Anonymity should not even be a privilege in public service
  7. We demand a review of all colored cases currently serving jail terms for violent crime by jury members of their communities
  8. We demand the decriminalization of protests and amnesty against protesters in general, but especially those who participated in George Floyd’s uprising against the terrorist cell that used to occupy the area known as the Seattle Police Department. This includes the immediate release of all protesters currently in prison after arrests on the corner of 11th and Pine on Sunday evening and early Saturday morning on June 7th and 8th, and any other protesters arrested in the last two weeks of the rebellion. In particular, I recall Evan Hrech, who filmed Seattle’s police search for a young girl who is now in prison
  9. We demand that the city of Seattle and the state government release all prisoners serving a sentence for marijuana crime and withdraw the conviction.
  10. We demand that the city of Seattle and the state government release all prisoners who are currently serving sentences only for resisting arrest if there are no other related charges, and that all these convictions be overturned.
  11. We demand that prisoners serving their sentences be given full and unrestricted voting rights, and that Washington state pass a law specifically against federal law that makes it impossible for criminals to vote
  12. We demand the termination of prosecutorial immunity for police officers between now and the liquidation of the Seattle Police Department and the existing justice system.
  13. We demand the abolition of imprisonment in general, but especially the abolition of both youth prisons and private commercial prisons
  14. We demand that the existing criminal justice system be replaced with restorative / transformative liability programs as a substitute for imprisonment
  15. We demand autonomy for people to create localized crime control systems
  16. We demand that the DPS, from now until its liquidation in the near future, open its “Lost and Found” lost items department and return property belonging to residents of the city
  17. We demand justice for those who have been sexually harassed or abused by DPS or prison guards in Washington State
  18. We demand that from now until the liquidation of traffic police, each traffic police officer include his surveillance cameras placed on the body, and that these videos become publicly available
  19. We demand that funding previously used for Seattle police be redirected to: A) Socialized healthcare and medicine for the city of Seattle. B) Free public housing, because housing is a right, not a privilege. C) Public education to reduce the average class size in urban schools and increase teachers' salaries. D) Naturalization services for U.S. immigrants living here undocumented. (We demand that they be called “undocumented,” because no one is illegal). E) General community development. Parks and others

We also have economic requirements that need to be considered.

  1. We demand Seattle's de-gentrification, starting with the establishment of rental controls
  2. We demand restoration of urban funding for art and culture to restore Seattle's once-rich local cultural identity
  3. We demand a free college for Washington residents because of the enormous impact of education on economic success and the overwhelming impact of poverty on people of color in compensation for the treatment of black people in that state and country
  4. We demand that from now until the liquidation of the traffic police, the Seattle police prohibit “street checks” that move and harass our homeless neighbors, and on an equal footing we demand the cessation of all evictions
  5. We demand a decentralized electoral process to give Seattle citizens more opportunities to choose candidates for public office, so that we are not forced to choose equally undesirable options in the survey. There are many systems and policies that make it inappropriate at best for people from the working class to run for public office, and all this should go, starting with any fees associated with applying for a public position

With regard to economic requirements, we also have requirements related to what we formally call “Health and Social Services”

  1. We demand that Seattle's hospitals and medical facilities hire black doctors and nurses specifically to help black patients
  2. We demand that Seattle residents seek and proudly support black-owned businesses. Your money is our strength and sustainability.
  3. We demand that the city create a completely separate system, staffed by experts in the field of mental health, in order to respond to 911 calls regarding mental health crises and insist that all participants in such a program receive thorough training to de-escalate the conflict

Finally, let’s now look at our educational requirements in Seattle and Washington.

  1. We demand that the history of Blacks and Native Americans receive much more attention in the Washington state curriculum.
  2. We demand that a thorough training course against prejudice be a legal requirement for all jobs in the education system, as well as in the medical profession and in the media
  3. We demand that the city of Seattle and the state of Washington remove all monuments dedicated to the historical figures of the Confederation, whose treacherous attempts to build America with slavery as a permanent adaptation were an insult to humanity..."

Some bloggers are seriously worried that if the government does not disperse this “state”, others across the country will follow the example of Seattle separatists...

But the most interesting thing in this story is the skirmish of US President Trump and regional authorities. So, Trump said on his Twitter: “Domestic terrorists captured Seattle! Of course, [the city] is ruled by radical left-wing democrats. LAW AND ORDER!" and added that the “left radical”, state governor Jay Insley and the mayor of Seattle, Jenny Darkan, were “played and ridiculed” at a “level unprecedented in the country”. The president demanded "return the city" under the rule of the legal leadership "NOW", or "he will do it".

In response, Governor Insley wrote that “a person who is completely unable to manage should stay away from Washington State affairs”, and Trump should “finish” with microblogging. And the mayor of Seattle, Darkan, urged Trump to “return to his bunker” so that “everyone is safe,” accompanying their response with the slogan BlackLivesMatter, under which mass protests in the West are taking place.

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