Media reported on Zelensky's visit to Izyum

Media reported on Zelensky's visit to Izyum
Media reported on Zelensky's visit to Izyum
14 September, 17:25In the worldPhoto: Соцсети
President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky visited the city of Izyum in the Kharkov region, which was abandoned by the Russian military.

This is reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the Ukrainian media, publishing a photo with Zelensky and the Ukrainian military on the streets of the city.

“Together with him, representatives of his office arrived in Izyum: head Andrei Yermak, deputy head Kirill Timoshenko, as well as deputy defense minister Anna Malyar and commander of the ground forces Alexander Syrsky”, - the news agency notes.

Earlier it was reported that the evacuation of residents of the Kharkov region to the territory of Russia was announced on September 10 against the backdrop of the ongoing military special operation of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine.

The Russian Ministry of Defense reported not about a "retreat", but about a large-scale "regrouping of Russian troops" on the territory of Ukraine. The purpose of the regrouping was called the need to "increase efforts in the Donetsk direction".

Against the backdrop of the ongoing “regrouping” of Russian troops from the Kharkov region of Ukraine, more than 5,000 refugees arrived in Russia, by September 13, their flow had grown to 60,000.

The head of the pro-Russian Kharkiv administration, Vitaly Ganchev, said that the evacuation of the population was announced from Kupyansk, Izyum, Shevchenkovo and Balakleya, but it was not fully implemented: electricity and communications were lost due to infrastructure damage in the Kharkov region. As a result, “a very large number of people” were forced to remain on the territory of the Kharkiv region.

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