The apple did not fall from the apple tree: the son of the previous one became the new president of Turkmenistan

The apple did not fall from the apple tree: the son of the previous one became the new president of Turkmenistan
The apple did not fall from the apple tree: the son of the previous one became the new president of Turkmenistan
15 March, 23:58In the world
Until now, only one dynasty ruled in the former USSR - the Aliyevs in Azerbaijan, now there are two of them.

According to media reports today, Serdar Berdimuhamedov, the son of Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, has become the new president of Turkmenistan. The local CEC announced the results of early elections, in which Serdar won 73% with a turnout of 97%. Commentators note that this is a low percentage compared to Russia and Belarus.

It is interesting that this election was preceded by a whole "oriental performance". First, the now former president of Turkmenistan, Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, unexpectedly announced that he had sat in power and intended to "give way to the young". Many did not believe him then, considering Berdymukhammedov a dictator who is not able to transfer power to the young and talented. As you can see, they were wrong!

Then, quite hilarious footage appeared on social networks of how a young applicant was going to vote at a polling station with his family in a cheap Zhiguli car of the seventh model. To be closer to the people, apparently.

It is noteworthy that even the odious Turkmenbashi Sapamurat Niyazov, the author of the book "Rukhnama", in which it was said with a blue eye that the Turkmens created the wheel, writing and metal smelting, could not create a ruling dynasty. But his successor, and in the past the dentist Berdimuhamedov Sr., who came to power after the death of Niyazov, succeeded. Now Turkmenistan, along with Azerbaijan, has become a state with a dynastic change of power. But, for example, Kazakhstan failed to do this.

Popular blogger Alexander Gorbunov "Stalingulag" gives a few known details about this dynasty: "The Pope, according to the media, has been preparing to transfer power to him since 2018 and has prepared for himself a position after the resignation - the head of the Khalk Maslakhaty, the upper house of parliament.

Serdar is called the "quiet man" and not much is known about him. Suggestions that he can change the political course and carry out reforms in the country, despite his long work abroad, would be too bold.

Rather, it is worth guessing how the new head of the Turkmen will have fun. Putting up golden statues for yourself, like Turkmenbashi Niyazov? Or breed horses, write poetry, sing "Uchkuduk - three wells" like dad? Will he come up with something more modern and become the eastern despot of the new post-post-Soviet formation? Will he be able to become independent at all, or will he be a puppet of the pope?

Political scientist Andrei Suzdaltsev assessed this event as follows: A new president has appeared in Turkmenistan. By a strange coincidence, among the nine candidates for the post of head of Turkmenistan was a relatively young man named Serdar Berdimuhamedov. Evil tongues claim that Serdar is the son of Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, but we know that this is just an accident, since the Turkmen voter simply saw in Serdar a consistent successor to the policy of the previous president, who glorified Turkmenistan with poetic and musical works, successes in agronomy, medicine, training horses and piloting a fighter.

Serdar has long been known to his loyal people for his attachment to keeping order in literally everything. For this reason, his statements are simply replete with expressions so pleasant to the Turkmen people as “I will kill”, “I will strangle”, “I will tear off your head”, addressed to the “enemies of Turkmenistan”. Thank you for not promising to eat without salt”.

There is, in a word, another shameful monarchy of autocrats who, until the end of time, are going to rape their own people with poverty, isolation from the world, endless lies about imaginary successes and pseudo-achievements...

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