German trade union demanded Lukashenko's resignation and refused to service his plane

German trade union demanded Lukashenko's resignation and refused to service his plane

15 October 2020, 15:50In the worldPhoto:
Representatives of the Lufthansa Technik trade union said they would not service the plane of “the loser of the presidential election” Alexander Lukashenko.

This is reported by the edition Nasha Niva.

The incident took place at the German airport Fuhlsbuettel, where a Boeing 737 with registration number EW-001PA sat down for scheduled maintenance. It is known that President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko makes his official flights on this board.

Lufthansa Technik employees did not service the plane, but presented a number of demands, including the resignation of Lukashenko, the holding of new elections and the release of political prisoners.

- We demand the resignation of Lukashenka and real democratic elections! We demand the release of all political prisoners and the immediate reinstatement of those colleagues who have lost their jobs! We demand that all employees be free to associate in independent trade unions! - said in the statement.

The union also added: “This is Lukashenko’s plane, who ordered to shoot at demonstrators in Belarus... We do not forget about our long tradition of international solidarity and stand shoulder to shoulder with Belarusian workers”.

The same company in 1989 refused to serve the liner of the Romanian President Nicolae Ceausescu.

Let us remind you that Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, who left Belarus and nominated herself for the presidency, presented Lukashenko with an ultimatum the day before, according to which the leader of the republic is required to leave office within 13 days.

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