The second "British" strain of covid identified in 11 countries

The second "British" strain of covid identified in 11 countries

16 February , 09:39In the world
New COVID-19 strain found in Great Britain. It was named B.1.525. It has been found in ten more countries, scientists from the University of Edinburgh said.

Experts indicate that among those infected with this mutation, residents of Denmark - 35 cases, Great Britain - 33 cases, Nigeria - 12, USA - ten, France - five, Ghana - four, Canada - three, Australia and Jordan - two cases each, and Belgium and Spain on one occasion. Moreover, the first cases were recorded in December last year.

The Guardian writes that the identified variant is characterized by a mutation in the spike protein that helps the virus to enter the cells of the body. Scientists are confident that such changes contribute to a better evasion of the virus from neutralizing antibodies that are produced by the body. Previously, the mutation was found in South Africa and Brazil.

It's worth reminding that the world's first test for the "British" strain of coronavirus was developed by Russian scientists. The new system takes only 40 minutes to identify the strain.

The "British" strain of the coronavirus, like the "South African" one, is much more infectious than the usual one. In total, virologists counted about 40 thousand different mutations of COVID-19.

Moreover, some of the mutations are spreading more and more actively in certain countries. The spread of the anxiety strains to other countries could lead to new increases in the incidence.

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