"We are not a flock of sheep!" Israelis no longer want to be vaccinated

"We are not a flock of sheep!" Israelis no longer want to be vaccinated

16 February , 17:37In the world
Already half of Israelis do not believe that vaccination will save them from contracting coronavirus infection.

Why did the Israelis begin to refuse vaccinations en masse? - the journalist Vitaly Drobyshev asked such a question, and immediately found the answer: because the Jews are smart. In the USSR, for example, it was customary to judge the level of comfort in a particular city by the number of Jews living in it.

It all started with the fact that 37% of Israelis had already received the first dose of the vaccine, and 22% - both. Only Hasidim, Arabs and Russian-speaking Jews, and also young people, are in no hurry to get vaccinated.

It would seem that such a high percentage of vaccinated should contribute to the rapid development of herd immunity, but no: everything is exactly the opposite. The coronavirus is spreading throughout the country faster than in other countries, and, as the media note, the more vaccinated, the more sick. And at the same time, in the places of residence of Arabs who do not want to be vaccinated, the incidence is minimal.

Even the government consultant on coronavirus, Professor Balitzer, admitted that he no longer believes in the "miracle of quarantine".

Meanwhile, the Hasidim are putting up posters denying the epidemic and the need for vaccination. And the activists of the Civic Initiative 2020 group declare to reporters: “You became an accomplice of the greatest fraud in history”.

Graffiti is gaining more and more popularity, urging not to get vaccinated. Including on the walls of vaccination points "Vaccination kills", "Vaccination is liquidation" and "We are not a flock of sheep".. There were also films-lectures about the dangers of vaccines. So we have to admit, as the media do, that confidence in quarantine has been completely undermined: half of Israelis do not believe in vaccinations. Vaccination centers in the country are already empty, although the government is putting pressure on citizens.

By the way, the negative consequences caused by the American vaccine Pfizer also played an important role: 7039 people reported side effects after taking the first dose, and 4469 after taking the second. The conviction that “after vaccination, people with illnesses are more likely to require medical attention or hospitalization” in Israeli society.

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