Pay more: Turkey makes it harder to get a residence permit

Pay more: Turkey makes it harder to get a residence permit
Pay more: Turkey makes it harder to get a residence permit
16 May, 11:52In the worldPhoto: Соцсети
The Turkish authorities have increased the minimum value of real estate, which gives the right to live in this country.

About what difficulties representatives of the new wave of emigration from Russia face, Novye Izvestia has already reported more than once. Even according to official figures, the number of Russians who went abroad after the start of the special operation in Ukraine runs into the millions. This situation is successfully used by the countries that receive the main migration flow from Russia. For example, in Georgia and Armenia, prices for renting or buying apartments have jumped at least twice in recent years, precisely because of the influx of Russian citizens. It will also become more difficult to settle down in Turkey, where until recently it was relatively easy to obtain a residence permit by buying an inexpensive apartment.

Now everything has changed: according to the new rules, a residence permit for real estate, which gives the right to receive Turkish citizenship after five years of residence, will be possible only when buying an apartment for no less than 75 thousand dollars, which in terms of rubles at the current exchange rate will give about 5 million.

True, while this rule will not apply to all regions of Turkey, this list includes Antalya and Bodrum, which are popular with Russians, Ankara, the capital of the country, the largest city of Istanbul, as well as a dozen other regions. The required amount for the rest does not yet exceed 3.3 million rubles.

But those who buy real estate cheaper than these figures will only receive a tourist residence permit, according to which it will be possible to obtain a long-term residence permit only after eight years. The consolation is that the new rule only applies to new purchases, and for those who bought an apartment or house before, there is no need to worry. True, it remains not entirely clear how the purchase amount will be calculated - at market or cadastral value. They in Turkey, as well as in Russia, differ very significantly. In addition, the method of payment is also unclear, since the Turkish lira is officially indicated in the documents of sale, the exchange rate of which is extremely unstable today.

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