It's not a joke: the world's first faculty for the preparation of Tik-Tokers opened in Kiev

It's not a joke: the world's first faculty for the preparation of Tik-Tokers opened in Kiev
It's not a joke: the world's first faculty for the preparation of Tik-Tokers opened in Kiev
16 September 2021, 15:42In the worldPhoto:
The Kiev National University of Culture and Arts announced the opening of a new faculty dedicated to the Tik-Tok video platform. The institution's website notes that such a faculty is the first in the world, that is, in this topic Ukraine is ahead of the rest countries.

The presentation of the Tik- Tok faculty was carried out by the ideological inspirer, the famous Ukrainian tick-toker Mikhail Poplavsky, who is also the president of this university. Poplavsky, 71, went out to the students in a pink suit and sunglasses; from afar, he could well be confused with Elton John.

By the way, the reputation of the doctor of pedagogical sciences and People's Artist of Ukraine, one might say, is dubious: in the videos posted, Poplavsky often jokes about his novels with students and touches on the topic of sex.

According to the over-aged tick-toker, the future lies with social media. Young people should be in trend and make their own "star road" through the Internet. Poplavsky noted: the Tik- Tok faculty is “innovative and youthful, this is a new phenomenon”.

Poplavsky is making grandiose plans for the new project. “My mission is to Ukrainianize T ik- Tok, to lead creative, ambitious and promising youth who will create a new history of our country. The Ukrainian language should be known all over the world. Ukraine has something to surprise the world with. At the faculty we will start teaching from scratch, and upon graduation you will be able to receive a diploma. The University of Culture is a brand that must conquer the world information space”, - he said.


The head of the project "Tick-tokers of the University of Culture", which will teach how to create and promote their "content", was a graduate of the university, head of the cultural and creative department Lilia Mozhaeva.

“The University of Culture and Mikhail Poplavsky are always in trend. Now the world is developing very quickly, new social networks are appearing, and Tik- Tok takes a leading position. If you want to be leaders in life, then T ik-T ok is your topic. We need to develop ourselves, work on creating a personal brand, and we will help you with this”, - Lilia Mozhaeva said addressing the students.

“Be positive. The world is based on optimists, and pessimists remain only spectators, ”noted Mikhail Poplavsky. He also said that studying at the Tik- Tok faculty will be free for all interested students of the University of Culture.


Meanwhile, the TVC on this matter notes: “To create a new history of your country on the Chinese online platform, rejecting the centuries-old layer of common culture for Russians and Ukrainians, is quite in the spirit of modern Ukraine. Lacking its own statehood, it has repeatedly surprised with its unexpected discoveries. And it would be okay to make the whole civilized world laugh and calm down. Allegedly, the "achievements" of Ukrainians are sent to schools as educational directives. Young citizens of the country are hammered into their heads that the Black Sea was dug with their own hands by their ancestors, ancient ukry. They also invented Sanskrit. And they tamed the first dog. Is it any wonder that a whole generation is growing up who sincerely believe that Auschwitz was liberated exclusively by the forces of Ukrainians, and Bandera and Shukhevych are not Nazi criminals, but heroes. There are monuments to them all over the country for nothing!"


And the regnum news agency gave examples of comments from the Ukrainian telegram channels Arrogant, Timer Odessa and First Independent. Many were critical of the opening of the Tik-Tok faculty, as well as of the University of Culture itself and its rector:

“While some are flying into space, we are rolling into the abyss of degradation. Glory to Ukraine!" - Yaroslav Nikolaevich reacted sarcastically.

"The country of the victorious TikTok", - laughs the Roman Super.

"And what, really there are those who want to study at this faculty?", - - asked Sle.

"Of course have. They also pay money. I think they are not small”, - Andrey answered him.

“Classes are also 15 seconds long. will be? What a horror we have reached”, - Lyudmila wrote.

“In Ukraine, people are deliberately deprived of education. The herd is easier to manage. Go to work, eat, TV series, sleep and go around”, - added Dmitry.

“I never tolerated Poplavsky. I am always ashamed of him and my country”, - Natalya reacted.


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