Media: militants deployed to Azerbaijan crossed the Russian border

Media: militants deployed to Azerbaijan crossed the Russian border
Media: militants deployed to Azerbaijan crossed the Russian border
16 October 2020, 16:24In the world
Several hundred pro-Turkish jihadists, who were transferred from Turkey to Azerbaijan the day before, are breaking through to Russian territory - across the border with Dagestan.

It is already known about four terrorists who, according to the adviser to the President of Nagorno-Karabakh, David Babayan, were not the only ones who managed to cross the border with Russia.

“Recently we learned about the identification of four terrorists on the territory of Chechnya, whom Turkey had earlier transferred to Azerbaijan from Syria”, - he said, adding that they probably crossed the border with Dagestan, since Azerbaijan and Chechnya do not have a common border. Babayan added that, probably, the four detainees were not the only ones who broke into Russian territory. "It is possible that there are many more", - radio Sputnik Armenia quoted his words.

Babayan suggested that the militants might now be hiding in the forests of Dagestan and other Russian regions bordering the republic. The head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, confirmed that the identified militants were liquidated during the operation to arrest them. As it turned out later, they planned to arrange terrorist attacks in the region.

According to him, several terrorist groups are also located on the border of Azerbaijan and Iran. Some of them could already penetrate the territory of Iran. Earlier, an official representative of the Iranian Foreign Ministry expressed concern that the belligerent countries are constantly violating Iranian borders. Shells have repeatedly arrived on the territory of the state, disrupting the peaceful way of life of the residents of the border territories. Iran said it would return fire. Earlier, the country has already brought its threats into action, opening fire back at the Azerbaijani military, thereby disrupting one of their offensive operations . In this confrontation, Iran supports Armenia. At the beginning of the armed conflict, the country announced that it would be ready to join the war on the side of Armenia . For this, tanks and artillery were transferred to the border.

The conflict on the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh escalated in late September. Azerbaijan considers this territory its own and intends to reclaim it. Armenia can recognize the independence of Karabakh if it helps to stop the armed confrontation on the border. In both countries, mobilization was declared and martial law was declared.

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