Donald Trump said his rival won a rigged elections

Donald Trump said his rival won a rigged elections
Donald Trump said his rival won a rigged elections
16 November 2020, 09:13In the worldPhoto:
"He won because the elections were rigged. There were no observers of the voting and the counting of votes", - the current head of state, Donald Trump, wrote on Twitter about the victory of 77-year-old Joseph Biden in the US presidential election.

For almost two weeks, Donald Trump, who was also running for a second term, did not recognize the victory of his rival, demanded that the counting of votes sent by mail be stopped, then recounted, or threatened with lawsuits.

As reported by RIA Novosti , Donald Trump also noted that the votes in the elections "were counted by the private left-wing company Dominion with a bad reputation and bad equipment, which did not even qualify for Texas, which I won with a big advantage, and also - "fake" and silent media. "The social network has already managed to mark Donald Trump's tweet as containing inaccurate information about the US elections", - REN TV notes. Joseph (Joe) Biden already added "President-elect" to his Twitter account.

On November 13, Donald Trump filed a lawsuit asking not to take into account the ballots that came after the elections in the counting of votes, but the court rejected it. Another Pennsylvania court on November 12 ruled that first-time voters would not count the ballots for the first time, and did so by mail without sending identification documents until November 9. Joe Biden is ahead of Donald Trump in this state by only 0.9% of the vote.

Many world leaders have already congratulated Joe Biden on his victory, including the presidents of Venezuela and Kazakhstan, while Russian leader Vladimir Putin is in no hurry to do so.

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