Scientists have determined the death temperature for the coronavirus

Scientists have determined the death temperature for the coronavirus
Scientists have determined the death temperature for the coronavirus
17 April 2020, 13:51In the worldPhoto:
Scientists from the University of Provence in France have determined that coronavirus dies when exposed to heat at 92 degrees for 15 minutes.

During the experiment, scientists heated the coronavirus to 60 degrees for an hour. But they found that some strains could still reproduce, said in the results of the study.

Exactly such an experiment - hourly heating to 60 degrees - is the standard protocol for deactivating the virus. It is used in most laboratories. When scientists raised the temperature to 92 degrees, it turned out that with such heating, the coronavirus deactivates after 15 minutes.

For the experiment scientists used a strain of coronavirus, obtained from a German patient, and kidney cells of an African green monkey, which were infected with the virus. The infected cells were placed in two test tubes - with a clean environment and with the proteins of animal origin, thus creating both sterile and real conditions.

In a clean environment, the strains were deactivated even in a standard experiment. But in non-sterile samples, they still showed viability. Therefore, scientists suggested that although a standard protocol is sufficient to deactivate samples with a low viral load, it may not be enough for samples with a high virus content.

According to scientists, the results of their work should contribute to the selection of the most suitable virus decontamination protocol to prevent infection by the threat of physicians who work directly with samples. They advised everyone who works with analyzes to pay attention to disinfection, combining the heating of biomaterial with chemical sterilization.

Recall that earlier at the Federal Research Center, the Institute of Catalysis, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, developed self-cleaning tissue materials that can be used to provide medical personnel with personal protective equipment. The fabric is treated with particles of titanium.

Rosatom proposed sterilizing medical masks with radiation.

To date, 2,037,691 cases of infection with a new coronavirus infection have been registered in the world. 134,087 patients died. In Russia, 27 938 cases of the disease were identified.

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