Texas residents rescue frozen sea turtles (VIDEO)

Texas residents rescue frozen sea turtles (VIDEO)

18 February , 16:28In the worldPhoto: Miguel Roberts/AP
People weren't the only ones affected by the unexpected frost in Texas. Thousands of sea turtles could be victims of cold weather. An impressive reptile rescue operation is now taking place in the resort town of South Padre.

Many South Padre residents, whose homes are now devoid of heat and light, have joined the operation to rescue sea turtles, the Associated Press reports. The townspeople bring the reptiles suffered from hypothermia to the local convention center, in the premises of which they have deployed a kind of turtle hospital.

It all began on Monday, when local turtle company Sea Turtle Inc. collapsed due to the large number of animals affected. The turtles were taken to the congress center, which then had no water or electricity. Now the premises have been warmed up to 15 °C. According to the volotners, a truck or an SUV drives up to the door every 15 minutes. Sometimes people bring one animal, but there were also full trailers with 100 turtles, so in the end, the building has already accumulated about 3,500 reptiles. The volunteers are hesitant to call them “saved,” because it is likely that someone will die.

It is not yet clear when the animals will be able to return to their habitat. Another cold front awaits in Texas. Yesterday in South Padre it was only 4 ° C, and it will be possible to release turtles into the water of the Gulf of Mexico only at 15 °C. Perhaps this will happen on Saturday, while the volunteers are doing everything possible to save as many animals as possible.

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