Aleksandar Vučić said that sanctions against Russia are "immoral"

Aleksandar Vučić said that sanctions against Russia are "immoral"
Aleksandar Vučić said that sanctions against Russia are "immoral"
18 April, 09:27In the world
Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić said that the republic will continue flights to Russia, despite regular reports of allegedly mining aircraft. He also stressed that anti-Russian sanctions are "immoral" and "to no avail."

“Today the pilot received a message about a bomb somewhere over Slovakia, but he continued to fly because we know that the messages are false”, - Vučić told TV Pink.

He pointed out that Ukraine and an EU member state are behind these messages. Belgrade, on the other hand, continues flights on principle, since Serbia is "a free country that decides for itself."

- And to those who talk about the blood on my hands, because I still have flights, I say: "Shame on you all together." (...) Did you cancel flights when 19 countries bombarded our country?", - Vučić emphasizes.

He is confident that once he imposes sanctions on Moscow, he will "get awards anywhere, become the greatest democrat in the world." But this would mean sacrificing principles, “because we know from our own experience how immoral it is to impose sanctions, how futile it is.” At the same time, abandoning Serbia's restrictive measures comes at a cost.

However, Vučić remembers that since 2001 Russia has always supported Serbia in its territorial integrity. And now Belgrade will remain military neutral and will maintain relations with everyone, including Moscow.

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