American rover "parked" on Mars

American rover "parked" on Mars

19 February , 09:40In the world
The Perseverance rover touched the surface of Mars 1.7 km southeast of the center of the western landing area in Jezero Crater.

This was announced by the curator of issues related to the descent of the rover to the surface of the planet, Allen Chen during a press conference by NASA.

He clarified that the automated landing site search system was able to determine a successful and fairly flat spot.

“We found a parking spot and got into it”, - Allen Chen said, adding that the Perseverance tilt was 1.2 degrees and the machine itself was safe.

Scientists have already begun work: they are analyzing the sent pictures.

"Scientific instruments will be activated in the next few weeks", - said the head of the planetary division of NASA Laurie Glaze.

It will be possible to get acquainted with the data obtained during the landing of the device in the coming days. We are talking about photographs and videos taken during the descent of the apparatus. Laurie Glaze stressed that such an opportunity will appear for the first time.

In the first few days, the main task will be to configure the software and equipment of the rover. Including systems for transmitting data to Earth. The rover will have to make several short trips - about five meters and back.

In three weeks, NASA scientists are going to select a site for testing the Ingenuity helicopter attached to the Mars rover ("Ingenuity"). He will also assist in photographing the Red Planet. The first helicopter flight is expected in the spring.

After completing the verification procedure, the device will begin searching for traces of past life on Mars.

Earlier, we recall that Russian scientists first discovered hydrogen chloride in the atmosphere of Mars, which called into question the existence of life on the Red Planet. Before that, a high content of methane was also found on Mars. It was reported that this could just mean the existence of microorganisms on the planet. On Earth, the source of gas is microorganisms, but methane can also be formed when rocks and water interact.

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