US will not include Germany in new sanctions against Nord Stream 2

US will not include Germany in new sanctions against Nord Stream 2

19 February , 09:16In the world
The administration of US President Joe Biden today, February 19, will present to Congress a report on additional sanctions against the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. Measures against Germany will not be spelled out.

According to Bloomberg, the document will indicate new sanctions affecting a small number of Russian companies, and German firms will not fall under the restrictions. According to the agency, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken believes that it is inappropriate to impose sanctions against Berlin, since a diplomatic solution to the issue must be found. He said that the country must recover from the damage caused by the former head - Donald Trump, who professed a "America first" approach.

Agency sources said that the previous administration was considering the introduction of serious sanctions against Germany, but they were not implemented.

US congressmen demanded that Blinken provide information on new sanctions measures against SP-2, and attached to the letter a list of ships that were allegedly involved in the construction of the pipeline since the entry into force of the US defense budget for the current year. Congressmen asked the State Department to provide an assessment of the activities of these courts.

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak recently announced that the readiness of Nord Stream 2 is over 95%. European countries are interested in Nord Stream 2, Novak pointed out, so it will be completed, despite the destructive actions of the United States, which are trying to delay the implementation of the project.

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