Lukashenko accused "foreign puppeteers" of planning the Belarusian Maidan

Lukashenko accused "foreign puppeteers" of planning the Belarusian Maidan
Lukashenko accused "foreign puppeteers" of planning the Belarusian Maidan
19 June 2020, 15:37In the worldPhoto:
The authorities succeeded to disrupt a large-scale plan to destabilize the country with the participation of "foreign puppeteers".

Alexander Lukashenko told about this yesterday after the arrest of the former head of Belgazprombank Viktor Babariko, who is called the main rival of the current president of Belarus.

It should be noted that Viktor Babariko was considered the most pro-Russian candidate. The main shareholder of the bank, which he headed for many years, is the Russian company Gazprom.

“We nevertheless managed to take some steps ahead of schedule and disrupt the large-scale plan of destabilization of Belarus (this is not a joke or intimidation) and lead the country to a certain Maidan. That was the goal. Masks were torn from certain not only dolls that we had here, but also puppeteers who sit outside Belarus, "Interfax agency quoted Alexander Lukashenko as saying.

According to the head of the State Control Committee of Belarus Ivan Tertel, puppeteers from among the big bosses at Gazprom, and maybe even higher, are involved in the "illegal activity of Viktor Babariko", RBC reports.

Viktor Babariko himself was detained last day "in connection with an attempt to influence witnesses and conceal evidence of previously committed crimes." Tertel called him "the direct organizer and leader of illegal activities." Also, criminal cases have been instituted on tax evasion, legalization of proceeds of crime, embezzlement on an especially large scale, fraud, receipt and giving of a bribe, for which up to 20 people were detained. It was reported that more than four million dollars and securities worth half a million dollars were seized from the detainees. On the eve of the detentions, the head of the republic, Alexander Lukashenko, said that local businessmen allegedly fired the employees who support him, and instructed the regulatory authorities to "get pot-bellied bourgeois".

Last day, in the capital of Belarus, Minsk, protesters lined up in a five-kilometer live chain in support of opposition presidential candidates.

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