Israeli experience: mass vaccination did not protect from the fourth wave of coronavirus pandemic

Israeli experience: mass vaccination did not protect from the fourth wave of coronavirus pandemic
Israeli experience: mass vaccination did not protect from the fourth wave of coronavirus pandemic
20 July, 17:19In the world
Israeli doctors report that Pfizer's mRNA vaccine does not perform as expected when faced with a new strain of delta covid. At the same time, Israel and many other countries have already been covered by the fourth wave.

Particular attention should be paid to the plate and graph below, under the main one.

The fact is that about 60% of patients who ended up in Israeli hospitals were vaccinated. In addition, almost 90% of newly infected older people have been fully vaccinated before.

This means that the delta strain has penetrated the protection against the Pfizer vaccine so much that those vaccinated with it still had to be hospitalized. True, at the same time, they all get sick easily. If today, about 0.02% of the population in each age group is in hospitals, then in the last wave there were several times more of them.

На этом графике представлено количество случаев в странах с высоким уровнем вакцинации и формирующейся волной заболеваемости. Главное отличие здесь от предыдущих волн – отсутствие значимого роста смертности.

But the unvaccinated are more among young citizens, but they rarely get seriously ill.

"But why did so many vaccinated people get sick? There are probably two reasons for this", - says network analyst Andrey Nalgin.

The first is that many vaccinated simply decided that they were now invulnerable to covid and became less vigilant and disciplined in observing quarantine measures: mask, social distance, etc. Well, they paid.

The second is that the more vaccinated, the more difficult the virus spreads, since it is difficult for vaccinated and sick people to transmit it to another, while it is incomparably easier for unvaccinated people to do this, and in addition, they live most often in rural areas, where the density is lower. population, and risks.

Сейчас в Израиле болеют всего 6500 человек на 9,3 млн населения, а удельный вес критических случаев там пока втрое меньше, чем в предыдущую волну.

It seems that the vaccine still protects against deaths, although it is too early to draw conclusions, since too little time has passed since the beginning of the fourth wave. But one thing is clear: the protective ability of old vaccines, as predicted, decreases with the appearance of new strains. This is well known for the flu, for new mutations of which a new vaccine must be given every year.

And yet the situation is not very happy, the analyst said:

“It is obvious that the coronavirus will throw many more unpleasant surprises, and the fight against it will take a long time. Her methods will also have to be modernized by trial and error..."

It is likely that totalitarian methods of population control will have to be called for help in order to quickly calculate the close contacts of the sick and quickly isolate them. Well, new vaccines will have to be introduced without testing, Nalgin suggests.

"In any case - welcome to the new reality of deadly dangers and limited freedoms!", - he concludes.

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